bitcoin wallet at glance

bitcoin wallet at glance

hey mates!

today I'm going to talk about bicoinwallet. I don't know how, but somebody encourages me to try it. And I'm here, let's go to see a little bit how is the app, and maybe if you are interesting, you can install it too. 

The beginning!

somebody shared me a link to get some #BCH for free, it sounds like music for my ears hahaha, and I arrived at this page. The page aims is give you a tip and it's a landing page to get more users for their wallet. So I said, why not? I'm going to try it. So I went to phone and I installed it. 


how looks the app?

here are the screenshots! and images is better than one thousand words, doesn't it? let check it. 





up to here nothing special. The app is explaining to you what are the benefits of using #BCH. Really cool benefits as we know, because #bitcoincash is agile and transaction feeless mainly. 

Anonymous or Social Login

How to start with the wallet? there are three options: anonymous, google user, apple user. You can choose whatever, but I've chosen Google, to be honest, I don't know why. am I wrong? only time will tell it. To do it, I have to agree on some terms and give access to my google drive account to store some configuration files of the app. I was reading that is for the security wallet backup. Will see. You can try anonymous or apple login instead. Maybe it's better. Who knows.



Once logged, how looks the wallet

this is how the wallet looks. At first glance, I think it looks fancy, so I'm going to use it for some time to see if it's a good or a bad choice. I like the section Related articles, it's a way to maintain fresh the app with something every time you are using it. 

bch wallet


bch wallet2


here is the setting to review, check it and setup the app as you like

  • backup in the cloud
  • fees to be paid
  • local currency
  • your contact list to send #BCH in an agile way


  • currency

setting backup

setting backup


setting fees

Working with the wallet: send and receive funds

As you can imagine the app it's working using QR codes to read to send and receive the funds as other apps. This is needed because nobody is going to write the #BCH address manually, doesn't it? Here are my QR codes, it somebody wants to send me a bitcoin, he will hahaahahahaaa, Bitcoins are always welcome! hahahaha





At first glance, the wallet looks like fancy. I don't have any money yet to use it, but I have a clear thing in mind, this wallet is thought to do daily payments more than for holding purposes. Take into account.  I don't have any experience yet, we will see if it fits well with my style of life or not. I'll tell you in a future article.

Nothing more from my side. Thanks for reading me. Comment below if you like.



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It's all about crypto

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