By MRyan | Lifecanbecrazy | 15 Nov 2022

Does the thought of a black hole scare you?

Well, it does scare me.  I always thought it was just sci fi, book and movie stuff.  It’s real….  I found an article that proves it.

A group of scientists have actually created a black hole! 

It’s cool, yet when scientist start tweaking things sometimes it goes all wrong.

Florida now has “love bugs” because UF scientist in Gainesville Florida played with nature.  They broke the glass that contained them now twice a year we have to deal with them.   They are annoying.  They don’t bite, but they do make a mess of auto windshields. 

Love bugs are a post for another time, I’m getting distracted this is about Black Holes.

I was reading and article by Michelle Starr ( Link below )  about this experiment.  Check it out:


**The price of gas is out of this world right now!  It’s like that black hole has taken common sense of the people that set the price on gas!

I’ve been saving $ on gas for every gallon I get using the Upside App. You can also save money at grocery stores, fast food & restruants. Lots of places take a look.

You simply download the UPSIDE app.  Open it, the app shows you gas stations around you, when you drive up to the pump “claim” by clicking the button to link the fact you are there, start pumping gas pay using the card you have linked to the app so it can verify the purchase and give cash back.  App doesn’t ask for your full card number for security reasons only partial # to match up.  You can cash out when ready. Choose gift cards or do like me.   I have mine put in my pay pal account to spend where ever whenever. 

Click this link or use promo code 8WVNK3 to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase.


**Pay Pal is great.  You don’t have PayPal?  Whaaat!! Ok just click or copy/paste my link to easily get set up in minutes.  

When you join and spend $5, we both can earn $10 bonus



**Want to save $$ on your cell phone service?  Give Pure Talk a try, use your phone or get a new one thru them.  I have 5G service unlimited talk & text, with 5 G of data, they have bigger data plans that is all I need.  I pay $26.00 a month. 

They use ATT & T-Mobile satellites so you get the best receptions of both those services for less! 

Here is my referral link:

I've been using this cash back app for several years. Rakuten. Give it try the savings add up quick especially if you enjoy the convivence of

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