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   I'm so happy you are here! First a little about me. I'm a wife, a mother and a nurse. My life didn't start with anything resembling opportunity or privilege so I think I've learned enough from the hard knocks to maybe help, or teach, or maybe inspire y'all? It's still debatable. But I'm gonna try! Hopefully you learn something new or at least get a laugh or a smile. 

   The idea for this blog came from my interactions and conversations with co-workers, patients, friends and family. There were so many things that seemed simple or obvious to me that were the exact opposite to the people I was talking to! And vice versa lol. I've realized there are so many things we can teach each other, but modern life and the fast pace we live it prevents some of those meaningful interactions and conversations. I'm going to try to post them here so we can all learn from each other. At least once a week hopefully more often. I'm not a professional writer so please ignore my typos!

   Thanks for taking the time to read my very first blog post! Welcome, and, I hope you stay around awhile!


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Life, the universe and everything
Life, the universe and everything

Lessons, ramblings and musings from a modern human. Hopefully you will learn something, or, be inspired to try something new. If not you can at least laugh at my mistakes!

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