The Indie HipHop Music Curation Project #1 - 3 Artists and Tracks To Vibe To

Welcome to The Indie HipHop Music Curation Project #1!

Within this series, I share some great songs from up-and-coming independent hiphop artists.

The music world is huge, and because indies are often drowned out by the large label artists, this blog is my way of helping some of these guys get heard.

As a big rap listener, I'm constantly searching for new music and discovering new tracks and artists, and I'll be sharing them here with you on a weekly basis!

Please support the artists below by liking their vids and subscribing on their YouTubes!

YANK$ - Fly

This song is so good! Fly is a fun and upbeat track with some epic flows and some good feeling lyrics. This song always hypes me up and gets me moving, and essentially makes me feel like I'm about to fly :) Check out the dope music video for this one too!


Isaac Graham - Butterfly

Butterfly combines a guitar melody with some nice 808s and some very emotional and honest lyrics. Rapper/singer Isaac Graham shares his feelings and emotions on this one, and it comes off incredibly authentic and real. Enjoy!


Deezo - Aisle 10 (Deja Vu)

Aisle 10 is a smooth and good vibe song from indie artist Deezo, filled with a nostalgic story about having deja vu while meeting a girl :) Nice catchy hook and a fun theme!



Your turn!

What was your favorite track out of all 3?

Do you have any recommendations for artists we should feature?

Thanks for reading and listening!

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