Financial Affirmations for Monday, April 26th, 2021

One of my favorite topics is money and finances. After changing much about my financial situation over the years, I've begun doing daily and weekly affirmations about my view on money, and am sharing them here to hopefully bring you value! Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


  • Money is a current of energy that is constantly in motion. Our ability to capture, store, and invest money allows us to control and utilize this form of energy to work on our behalf.
  • Trading time for dollars always reaches a limit and a plateau. There are only so many hours in the day, and only so much physical and mental energy we can output. But money can work 24/7, 365, without taking breaks or needing sleep.
  • By harnessing money and letting it work for us, we are able to grow our wealth beyond our physical and time-based limitations.
  • Every dollar we ever earn will be either spent, saved, or invested. We know what happens if it's spent; it's gone forever. If we save that dollar, it will remain ours, but will slowly lose value over time due to inflation of the money supply. But if we invest that dollar, we create an opportunity for its value to raise over time, as well as to create residual or dividend income.
  • The goal is to make our money work for us, rather than us having to work for the money. But to get here we must budget our expenses, grow our skillsets, and earn more income so that we can invest more income into assets.
  • Living at and below our means is the way to move forward. The less money spent, the more money automatically saved, and the more money able to be invested.
  • The difference between scarcity and abundance is a flip of a coin. Heads or tails, scarcity and abundance, both are two sides of the same coin.


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

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