I've been reading comics my whole life. But i think its time i made this rant. Back in the day, comic shops/stands were the only place a young kid could find a comic. This simply isn't the case anymore.

"Ok so what the fucks your problem then dude!?"

Here's what happened to me the other day, broken down piece by piece to show you what i saw,

My little step brother who is around 10 came to visit with my mom. Knowing im a walking talking encyclopedia of comic knowledge, my mom tells me his favorite show is the Flash on CW.

Now stop right there. His first introduction to the Flash was NOT comics. It was the CW. Mine was the Justice League show that premiered on Cartoon Network. Moving on,

I obviously jumped right on this. A chance to share my undying love to another human being young enough to understand? Hell yes i jumped on that opportunity and we had a blast going through all my flash comics and talking about all the different versions of "The Flash". It was a highlight in my life, honestly. I noticed he liked a series call "New 52: The Flash" so i gave him the 4 or 5 issues i had from that run and told my mom to take him to the comic shop in my city to find more.

Now, In my head, i know this isn't a current series but its not old either. I figure they would have some trade paperbacks lying around or at least some issues hidden away in the back room FILLED TO THE BRIM with long boxes. Long boxes are exactly what they sound like. Its a loooong cardboard box just wide enough, and tall enough to store comic books. there is at least 2 WHOLE longboxes dedicated to the flash last i checked. Surely there must be something.

So they go. I don't talk to them for a few days and then they came back to visit. She tells me they went to the store in a very ...mom, way. I knew to be mad instantly but i let her continue. Apparently, She walked in, told the guy at the counter it was my brothers first time coming to a comic shop. My little brother holds up the New 52 comic and asks if there is any flash comics to read.

Now, what do you think happened? Those of you who do read comics, who HAVE gone to these shops, you know exactly what happened dontcha?

My brother was told (You know the voice) "The issue is 8 years old and we haven't carried those comics in like 8 years. You will have to look somewhere else"

That's it. That's literally it. No sorry. No direction to the newer stuff. just a complete dismissal and lack of human fucking empathy. I had JUST given him the new 52 comic. My 10 year old brother had no idea what that was, or what a series is, he just wants his own fucking Flash comic so he can be like his big bro. Telling him, "No go somewhere else" while the kid is literally in a comic shop is like telling him to his face he fucking sucks and no one likes him. I could see in his face that's how he felt.

This should of been an awesome experience for a 10 year old boy. His first time buying a comic. But no, No instead he gets a real hard look into the reality of being a comic fan. Gate Keeping. No one wants to share their hobbies with you. Its like this left over PTSD from when it wasn't cool to be a nerd, and now they resent anyone NEW from trying to enter the clubhouse. Its fucking ABSURD. Then they cry about how the industry is dying! The FUCK!??

"What about everyone who works there tho?"

Oh that's a even funnier joke, because you go through all this mental bullying by fellow nerds just for being a fan of something, just to hear about how underpaid and over worked the creators are. But that's ok in your head, because in you're head that's a dream job, like sports, or music.

Welp, you should know every comic nerd reading this just facepalmed cause im about to smack ya with reality. You are assigned jobs in the comic industry. Bam. Think about it. Unless you are Morrison, Moore, Miller, or Bendis, you aren't writing anything you want or getting paid. Yup, those underpaid, overworked creators aren't even working on something they care about. Fucking pathetic. That's like saying "Hey brady good year, but Gronk is more popular so he is the QB now and you can take his spot"


Yeah that is EXACTLY what they do to some of these writers and artists. All to make a shitty comic they can sell to shitty comic book stores who are gonna discourage anyone from reading it anyway.

You know who is underpaid, overworked and all together over looked? Rich Morris, writer of the ONLINE Doctor Who fan-comic "The 10 Doctors" That series is fucking BREATHTAKING. No one paid him to do it, no one forced him. He wrote the comic because he LOVES doctor who and fell in love with WRITING said series. This is the magic that comes from genuine heart. Like a early Taylor Swift song. But nah, instead we get an industry dead set on killing creativity, again, also just like Taylor Swift.

"So..what did you do about your brother?"

I gave him my subscription to DC Universe. Its a website and App where they keep every comic ever written, every movie, every show ever created, all ONLINE, searched for THE FLASH, handed him back the phone and told him NEVER go into a comic book store again.

"Online is great but i like TOUCHING the pages"

Ok you fucking weirdo relax, i also gave my MOM my account info for instocktrades.com a website that not only has almost any comic you could imagine, but its typically half the price of you're local shop. This was she can get him all the comics he could want for half the price and without any of the bullying.

To HELL with Gate Keeping, and to HELL with the Comic Industry as a whole. All of you readers want to go to the movies anyway and i dont blame ya. Not anymore.

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