By Michael Wais | Life Is Awesome | 1 Jul 2019

Someday you wake up and you go, "WHOA MAN!!! LIFE IS AWESOME!!" and you're like "OMG!!! I WANT TACOS!!!! I LOOOVVEEE LLIIIIIFFFEEE!!!!"

Then you jump up and down on the couch and you're bouncing off the walls loving life! YEAH I LOVE LIFE!!!

And there's that silver lining. You crawled through all the blood and the piss and the shit and man you just made it man you're like "MAAAAAAANNNN!!! I LOOOOOOVVEEE LIIIIIIIFFFFEEE!!!"

So jump up and down on the sofa! Don't give in! Jump on everybody's sofa!! LIFE IS AWESOME!!! AAWWWWW YEEAAAAAHHH!!!

And all in all you are possessed by the power of the HYYYPPAAAAA!!! Hyperhyperhyper! Running running running pushing pushing and you jump off all the walls bouncing off all the walls!!!


Because YOU are beautiful!!!!

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Michael Wais
Michael Wais

I am awesome.

Life Is Awesome
Life Is Awesome

I have Mad Ninja Skills!

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