With all the self-mining children, we can't finally start out backyard wrestling school for underprivileged artists.

The Value Of NFTs .

Meta Matt could have his like button smashed in by a pack of wild.. Andrew was interrupted by a series of synthesizer beats from his Droid. A news alert warned him that a riot had broken out at Edon labs over the rising cost of bio fees. Multiple fatalities reported. Why we even had to go through with this is beyond his understanding. After all we were at the point where NFTs could mine for further NFTs in an infinite loop he figured.

Andrew spun his acura into a quick right in a last minute decision to pull into the Wendy's drive-thru.


So what if they felt rough like sandpaper to the touch it wasn't like he was going to..." yes Hi, I will have a number 2 with grilled onions Caffeinated pickles.. " The drive through automation promptly chimed back " Sorry our caffeinated pickle machine is down right now" . Why was the caffeinated pickle machine always down regardless of what Wendy's he went to? He had a sinking suspicion that they just didn't want to change the lungs on the machine.


The dim glow from his monitor let Andrew know that he was about a block away from his house. A sigh of relief washed over him as he new that he still had a few precious minutes perhaps even an hour. Mat's latest video drop was on this very issue regarding short lifespan versus long term investments. The eternal argument about rising disposal fees always brought Matt and those in the comments to the conclusion that long lifespan was always the way to go although Andrew knew deep in his heart that these people were just shilling for their favourite channel. The government sector had taken almost complete control of all aspects of disposal from fees to procedural maintenance after the Industrial oven controversy at Game stop. Corporate had argued that the ovens were installed for the new promotional event regarding the latest Super Mario Romance VR game. The gelatinous piles of translucent bones didn't exactly help their case. Andrew activated his full body fire wall in order to creep past his Alive-Again AI Grandmother. He long ago swapped out her original head for a vintage Ranma Saotome one.

He got to his room just in time as the monitor stated, he had 5 minutes and counting to replace the power source. He quickly used his tower key To unlock the exxo chamber. He removed the pulsating mass with a series of pops and hisses from it's connecting nutri-cables swapping it out for a similar one .

Resembling a 6 month old newborn baby save for the adult face, This model like the chamber was named after its creator Mike Exxo. Unironically each and every one of this particular model of which there were millions had said creator's face. Millions with that hideous face, how disgusting.

The Non-Fungible Toddler mewled and garbled as Andrew cradled it and carried it into his kitchen. If even an ounce of copy written bio was detected in the residential sewer system, the feds would come down on his house faster than he could whisper "mossad " in his fake grandmother's ear.

The Unqualified Citizens Shelter was always taking donations and with the rising number of infected, a crate of bottled mud-skipper would only go so far.


Andrew delivered a swift incision from genital to chin .

The OPHF disease, Open-Pie Hot-Fish had left soo many countless with unqualified social scores ever since medical health was added to the bill.

He expertly removed all major organs starting with the lower intestines.

Without the major organs like the heart , brain and pancreas, the weight of the Fungy Toddler was decreased significantly.

"I wonder if those degenerates will appreciate Shit On A Shingle?" Andrew mused as he sowed up the now cold child.



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Life in the kali yuga
Life in the kali yuga

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