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The Way Entertainment Helps To Stay Away From Negativities


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The world of imagination is more peaceful than the real one. In imagination there is full freedom to thinking. Entertainment virtually or live is also a kind of imagination where we sink like we are apart from the real life. Many of us can be forgetful for a while and ignore the negativities in real life we have. Comparing entertainment with imagination is my own concept, it would be different for other individuals.

Last two days I've watched newest hit movies on the air. These movies were available in FTP server of our internet provider. Watched KGF part 2 which had part 1 that was a biggest hit. It was a South Indian movie Hindi dubbed. Action movies are good but I mostly prefer dramas. Anyway, I've entertained myself via newest movies and stay away from negative sides in my real life.

Yesterday in my blog I've shared the problem I've in my hostel and I talked to the hostel of owner and he replied positively but his action was not positive as his words so I get disappointed. I may can him again today if he forgets to take any action that resolve the issue of electric power inside the room.

Actually I think hostel owner is also irresponsible like the hostel manager as he took no action yet. This is just a single example of my disappointment and there are many things around me seems negative. But I don't want to pay attention to it so I choose the way of entertainment on screen. Enjoying newest movies in FTP server and trying to forget negative things that can make me upset. Entertainment is a good way to be alive with good vibes as I saw many people choose onscreen entertainment to stay away from negative vibes that disturb them and made them upset.

Its better not letting others makes us upset and try some entertainment when we are done with our regular activities. After finishing my tasks of the day again I'll spend time on entertainment and I've left some movies half watched so will complete them. I hardly compromise sleep for movies so I slept last night and will finish watching them today. Entertainment just not to be forgetful about negative sides, it also for having chill mind. Sometimes we laugh in funny moments and get emotional when sad scene is on.

Sometimes I consider entertainment like waste of time because we may spend time working and make our time useful but long time work sometimes stuck our mind and we need to have some refreshment and entertainment bring the refreshment to us.

Hope my problems in real life will be resolved till then entertainment can help me to avoid panic attack and being upset. You can try it too when you are very disturbed in personal life. Choose to be happy because there are very few who care about our happiness and wellness so be your own happiness maker.

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