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Terrific Dream- Attending Exam Without Preparation


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Exam is the second name of fear and I was a serious student in my student life. The whole year I spend doing fun and when got exam routine, I became crazy and anxious. With the announcement of exam It seems I got fever and the nervousness still bothering me in my dreams.

I woke up today in the morning with anxiety for dream I had and what was the dream you know? It was exam fear. I was feeling so helpless that my syllabus was absolutely incomplete and It was my chemistry exam to attend. A friend of mine was writing exam papers like a master of chemistry and it made me feel down. I feel like cry because I didn’t want to fail and I've never copied from others. And when I woke up, it takes few minutes to make me convinced that was just a dream and I was passed the course several years ago with the first class result, and finally I feel relaxed.

I felt anxiety in my dream for the exam I had no preparation and just enter the exam hall. I was absolutely blank to perform the exam. Is this only me who has such bad dream? I was so tensed and felt so helpless that I had no preparation for exam and sitting on exam hall. This is terrific and thankfully never experience in real life. That's why I call myself a serious student or I can say ex student.

One more dream make me anxious and that is late reaching on exam hall. Fortunately never experienced it in real life when I was an academic student. Why these kind of terrific dreams come to disturb me, I really don't know but these dreams are indeed horrible. I can't Imagine that I reach late for exam and fail in the exam.

Having no preparation for exam and late reaching for exam both made me nervous and after waking up I thank Almighty that just a nightmare nothing more than that. I've completed my academic course successfully several years ago with good result and after waking up it takes time to come back to the reality.

Honestly I've never loved exams because it was stressful because I really didn’t study all year long and followed a limited syllabus to attend exams so having fear for exams was very natural. I was a serious student but there was no seriousness in my study but before the exam I became sincere to study as a result I passed the finale exams. Having exam stress is good for those who doesn’t study all year long but too much stress can be harmful for our health. Thankfully my stress was not too much. But my terrific dreams were really very stressful. Thank Almighty that I'm alive or else the anxiety could take away my life.

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