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Season Of Shopping

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Few days ago I wrote an article about online and offline shopping. Later I realized that I missed something on that article and in this article I'm going to talk about those missed out points. Market is hot now. I mean to say there is available new products for upcoming Eid festival. People crowded in shopping malls and markets where there some discount offered or also products in reasonable price.

In such hot situation in the market people who doesn’t loves crowed would love to shop online so here I found a good side of online shopping but ofcourse from trustworthy and reputed online page, website or app. Many people like me doesn’t like crowd and there have people push one another and women sometimes experience unexpected molestations though thankfully I've never experience such bad but heard a lot so I avoid crowd as much I can since my childhood days.

Online shopping is popular now and some page, website and apps offer product return policy, money back guarantee and refund and these are to achieve trust of buyers and it should be appreciated. I've good experience of online shopping though products I got low quality many times but it save our time and also save us from crowd when its shopping season. Eid-ul-fitr is a kind of festival when people prefer wearing new cloths and without it Eid seems incomplete. Many people buy more than one and get gift from relatives.

Today's article is about highlighting positive sides of online shopping but a negative side also need to be mention and that is late delivery. Suppose you’ve order immediately before the festival you may get the product after the festival so its a negative side of online shopping. But online shopping is popular enough as they have huge order and many people prefer it. People who has no break from official work even before the festival time can shop online.

In private job sector there is found working load or pressure before festival leave and they hardly manage time for shopping. Online shopping is the best choice for them. Trying trustworthy online source for shop may can not disappoint you. I prefer avoiding crowd so my shopping is cancel. I've shopped several days ago and at that time market was not crowded and hot. It was not festival shopping but it was shopping for clothing. Those cloths are for homely use not for festival.

Mostly I get gifts from my sister and use that for festival. I prefer having a new cloth for a festival. I can afford to buy many but I prefer to be simple and prefer offline shopping. I prefer shopping when there is no crowd. Hope my Muslim friends enjoying this season of shopping. Festival on the air and people are getting excited for shopping, gathering inside malls and market. I wish them all a very happy shopping.

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