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Late Night Movie Watching Experience


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This morning my brain seems empty for sharing any random thought so here I come with my late night movie watching experience. In my life I've watched many more movies and stories so now hardly any story impress me. Last night movie was average one but I watched it till the end. I was waiting to see something happening but it was not as expected.

It was a South Indian movie and in this movie hero was a palmistry who can see the future and read the palm lines of anybody. He knows his own future too and he believes his predictions will come true hundred percent and no one can change it.

At the end he changed his own luck and he realized that predictions has 99% chance to come true and we can change it because there is 1% chance left. At the beginning I start watching with a lots of interest but later I found it not that much interesting. At the end I felt it doesn’t worth to watch for late night.

As the hero as palmistry knows he had no love line on his palm so he decide not to get married and just did flirting with girls around him. But one day he fall in love with a girl and he also tried to left her because he going to be die according to his life line on his palm. The movie rating is 6 out of 10 though my rating for it will be 5 out of 1o. Its a newest release and only available to watch in my internet service provided FTP server. Its a secret server only for we subscribers. Here all newest movies and TV shows are available. Its hard to manage time to watch movies but sometimes I make time for it.

Movie name I've watched last night is "Radhey Shyam" and its a very new released movie. Casts in this movie act well but it was not heart touching. Leading roles played by South Indian famous actor Pravas and Puja Hegde. Honestly they are not my favorite actors. Story of the movie was not as strong as audience expected from It's trailer. Few days ago I watched the trailer of it on YouTube and that made me curious.

I slept near 1 am at night and was scared to miss my sehri ( midnight meal to keep fast) but thankfully I woke up before 3:30 am and finished my meal before 3:45 am. I've attended my prayers and again slept because my sleeping hours were incomplete. Again I wake up near 8:45 am and its time for sitting on my desk and do my online jobs.

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