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Keep Pillows Under The Sun


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Just a simple reminder to my readers, nothing more than that. Actually today I was thinking about washing my pillow covers and I've three pillows on my bed. Thankfully sunshine come to my bed and I can easily keep my pillows under the sunshine beside my window, on my bed. Covers are under the bucket as I going to wash them with detergent soon. Today I'm late for my online work because I was spending time on all these washing and keep my pillows under the sun.

Long time use of pillow make it messy and bad smell come from it, it affected by bacteria that can be killed by sunshine so far. Some try dry wash but I love applying natural methods to make things fix so I prefer sunshine to dry cloths and pillows at least once a month or week. Sunshine has huge benefits that we hardly use.

In city life people hardly get time to keep their cloths under the sun, mostly they use washing machine for also drying cloths. Not sure how healthy it is but sun helps cleaning bacteria and smell cloths fresh but there is also a side effect of it and that is burning cloths and make cloths fed or colorless. So keep pillows and other cloths under the sun for a specific time is good. A small amount of sunshine came to my room and I tried to make it useful for my pillows.

The house I'm living has no roof to dry cloths directly under the sun, this house is tin shed and we dry cloths in the balcony in front of the room. Sunshine come to this balcony and cloths drying faster. I'm glad that the window beside my bed is useful because its helping me to keep my pillows bacteria free and fresh. Our pillows need to keep clean because it also a part of having a healthy lifestyle. People who has their own roof can easily keep their pillows bacteria free and clean if they have enough time for this.

Its a small reminder for the day, hope it will be useful for many. I've many cloths to wash today and feeling really very lazy but I'll wash them soon and will be free from the big task of the day. I'm late for my regular job but no problem, I can manage time for it and working accordingly. Actually late waking up makes us late for the activities we want to complete on time. I woke up late and now I've to compromise time and make my work done even I may get late for it.

Keep your pillows under the sunshine and it will make you feel better when you'll use it for sleeping. I feel good when my pillows smell good and it gives me sound sleep and a fresh feeling too. Undoubtedly its a kind of healthy habit. Hope it works in a positive way to you too.

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