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Financially Stable? Create Opportunities

No doubt that financial stability is a great blessing but we shouldn’t bind it in a limit which means we should explore ideas to make more money and making earning opportunities for others. Before starting it may sounds tough but after starting we can be confident and can make a good team of work and all will get benefit from the working opportunity.

As we know that money begets money so we shouldn’t limit it and should think about some investment plan that will help us along others to make money. Many of us deposit money in the bank for security and hold them there but we shouldn’t forget that bank deposited money is not crypto currency which will pump in 2x, 3x or more than that.

So what to do? At least start with a small investment or invest as much you can afford to lose. Bank may offer profits in different ways but that will be only for self use. So what to do to make more opportunities? First of all we need to be a risk taker and shouldn’t be negative about the work we going to start.


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For example take a business of coffee shop where there we can hire a shop keeper, swiper, server or waiter and sometimes delivery boys if add burger, pizza business inside the coffee shop. So here you invest not only to make money but also creating working opportunities for others. Hire with a small salary can attract students who loves to do part time job. And a financially stable person can easily launch a side business like bakery, coffee shop or some other start up business.

Believe yourself that you going to make it possible. Having financially stable would be a kind of honor but creating opportunities for others is a kind of satisfaction which can bring more blessings. Many young work for money to bear educational expenses beside bearing family and they can start from a small job or business. Students mostly found ready to work for small payments as they do it for part time. So we can pay them and let them work for money.

When we are already relax about our personal finance, we can bring opportunities to contribute in removing the unemployment problem of a under developed country. It not easy at the beginning because risk is very common in business and services so we should have good plans that may work for long time. When we create working opportunities for others, it also bring money for us as we doing business not charity. My invitation to all financial stable friends to help the poor and do some Charitable activities as much you can afford.


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