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Crypto Paid Blogging Platforms Are Safer Than Social Media

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Your saddest social media posts mostly pinch those people are behind your sadness. Do you really feel safe to share your grief, broken heart, personal feelings on social media? That doesn’t pay you and at the end you realize a lots of time wasted on it. Social media platform is useful if people knows the right use of it but these days whoever loves to express their feelings via writing can share it and earn money at the same time. Its a safe place to where we are not adding all the people we know personally and there is no toxic people to poke you for your grief share.

This is from my personal experience. Once I saw a friend posted about domestic violence and people in her friend list thought she shared it because he go through it and her relative also misunderstand her. She was not free enough to share a post with a sad caption because people mostly share things he/she go through it. She was victim of social abuse and you can see how unsafe the social media is. Where we have no freedom of speech, we can't share what we feel and experience. So crypto paid writing platforms are safest place to share our opinion, feelings and sorrows.

Sharing pain mostly help reducing it but when we sharing it in a unsafe place, people either misuse it or take advantage of it. Many relationship get affected by sharing inner thoughts, its bitter to our haters and they get chance to poke us and we become more sad than before. In blockchain platform and platform that pays crypto currency can be the right place where we can write with full freedom where our haters not exist to follow us to get chance to pull us down.

Once at our place a brilliant student of university wrote his opinion about political issues and some senior students attack him and brutally tortured him, as a result he got died. It was a sensational news at that time, got viral because the student was brilliant and those senior students who tortured was also had good educational background but it was spoiled. So a social media status snatched away a life and destroyed the career and life if other boys. Their family also get the grief of lifetime. Here you can realize how unsafe the social media is! Here our negative words count and none to heal us.

On the other hand, crypto currency offering blogging sites pays for sharing feelings and opinion and here no relative or haters to observe you and hit you by their negative words, we can feel safe enough. We have enough freedom to share. We are free from risk, so called relatives won't treat you bad because they are busy doing social media that never going to pay for wasting time there. Social media platforms these days may offer revenue share but this is for specific people whoever share vlogs. But crypto offering blogging and vlogging sites offer money to all creators. So this is another point to be noted.

Once I was social media maniac and share almost everything from life. But later I regret for wasting a lots of time and many people get chance to comment negative and pull me down. So I stopped allowing others to hurt me and share my down feelings, success, happiness everything in crypto paid writing platforms, it deserves my time and never allow me to feel such regret. I'm not that active in social media platforms, now my every action only for purpose so I feel much safer and better than before.

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