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Childhood Embarrassments


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Today's kids are damn smarter and sharper and when I compare my childhood with them, I feel really very embarrassed. Today in this blog I'm going to share some stories of my childhood embarrassment, hope you all enjoy reading them LOL. Before sharing those life moments I would like to compare kids of those days with kids of today's. At the age of only three kids are so advance to operate electronic device and practice creativities but when I was three I used to ate mud and grass LOL. Its a biggest embarrassment.

When I was a kid I thought if we eat coins, a plant of coin will grow inside our tummy and it will grow up inside us like a big tree and you know what I imagined it many times, specially when consumed coin accidentally. It happened to me many times in childhood days. When I were a kid I thought getting married is enough to have child and was unknown about the physical changes, I think its not that embarrassing because it was not the right time to know about such things. But I made funny comments when I found my elder siblings get their physical changes LOL.

Most of the kids dream about the hero or heroin in the movies. When I was a little kid I aim to marry film actor whom I liked most. I thought they are the real heroes and they were really very cute and it make me laugh now. At that time I thought how there are many people inside the tiny television box, how come? It was really foolish and when I shared it with elders they laughed at me and that was really very embarrassing. In my childhood I couldn’t identify my left and right hand so sometimes I ate rice with my left hand and when my elder notice they correct me but I was confused.

In childhood days I saw many kids using slug and I asked others the meaning of those slug language and that was another embarrassing story of mine. Being a fool kid really very embarrassing and that I've experienced all the time in my childhood. Today those memories make me laugh but honestly I've learned a lot from my foolish activities. Once I tried cooking in a plastic pot with the real fire and the plastic start melting and I've learned that plastic can't be use for cooking. I was fool that I get influenced and trust people quickly and as a result later I suffered by having punishment from parents.

Another embarrassing thing was that I was a thief and I ate foods from fridge and wherever it stored by my mom. Once I broke a glass made jar of Ghee, my all dress were spoiled and my mom beaten me for wasting her all ghee. I hide myself under the bed but I couldn’t hide myself for longer. I feel guilty for being a thief in my childhood I had no knowledge of good or bad so I did it. Later when I grew older I stopped being a thief but those embarrassing memories often pinch me. Thankfully I didn’t steal anything big at that time and I ate a lot even foods of my siblings also eaten by me.

In my childhood I thought when people die become angel like I saw in television and there were huge misconception I had at that time. I feel really very shy, guilty and funny for being such a fool kid and today's kids make me more embarrassed because they are so advance and I just wasted my past by making huge mistakes and useless things. No problem, I've learned and trying to be a better human when I acknowledged the sense of good or bad.

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