Life Changing - Log #24 Burning Bridges

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 16 Oct 2019

Have you tried burning bridges?


I have and I have been doing it quite a while long ago that I felt like an expert in doings. Oh no, no, it's not a bragging rights, in fact it's a statement full of regrets. Looking back at my younger self now, I realized how immature I was and overly sensitive which had pushed me to burn good bridges. What can wed to the things we did, it's part of our history, it's imprinted in our memory and the only best thing to do is to learn.

Somehow, having a bloated ego is really blinding. It can lead one to just easily burn bridges and break relationship. It takes patience and understanding to thoroughly endure hardship in any relationship. And I'm talking about any relationship, might it be friendship or with the family or with the love one's.

Sharing with you instances I regrettably burned those bridges.I remember how over sensitivity can bloat an ego. Way back I had a teacher in a college and friend, Sylvester. He commented on my Facebook post that I took negatively. I unfriended and blocked him. Another instance was when my friend Jovi was against my fraternity initiation, I shrugged him off, ignored him until we didn't talk.

Those are just two of the silly instances. Those have forever changed the course of my life journey. Somehow these days, I have learned a lesson.To be more understand. You know what they say, to look past the insult,look past meanness, look past angry words or rants and understand the pain that motivated it. These days, I try to avoid burning bridges unless it's something unavoidable which is kinda subjective. I guess I really just have to thoroughly weigh the repercussions of doing so.

How about you? What are your thoughts about this? And comment them below.



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