Life Changing - Log #21 Negativity In The Workplace

By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 1 Oct 2019


I have workmates who is always ranting over our chat thread on how this person is something, how this person is not. We always have that one person who brings in negative vibes into the group.Who is always on the work to poison the minds of other team members. Instead of looking for solutions, always focus on the problem.

And so I suggested an open forum discussion with all affected departments.Unfortunately, the suggestion was shrugged off, and they were strongly opposed about it.She would then say that the other parties are close minded so they won't deal with it. Not knowing they're the one opposing it only means they're the one's that are close minded.

There just people like these who can't move past an issue and that solution is not what in their mind.Rather just boosting their ego, holding on to every possible rebuttal for a suggested solution.And only open to the one's that are beneficial to their own cause but not the whole organization.I call these people hypocrites, self serving and incompetent.

If you are really concern with the whole organization, you will stop ranting and just simply look for alternative solutions. Everyone of us has to learn to compromise. It's not about who is always right.There comes a time when you will realize that being right is not the best solution to the problem. Be teachable. Listen and be mindful on whatever you say. Because what defines a person is not what others say about him, but what he says about others. If you always say something negative about someone, would you really think I would trust that you would't do the same thing to me?

This is an office dilemma that could make enemies from former friends. Conflicts usually happen when someone is pushing his or her own ideas and beliefs without consideration to the other party. This is just one of the example of a deeply rooted hated that we can consider life changing.




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