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By PajeeBear | Life Changing | 22 Jul 2019


When I was in college, we always share our personal experience of creepy moments.


My Economics professor shared his story. A one creepy life changing story. I would like to share that story here.

So my professor, funny can't seem to remember his name anymore. It's been what? 10 years? Oh man I getting sidetracked again. Alright here we go.

So my professor, as always, have been teaching economics for years in State University. This story happened few weeks after he first took the teaching job in the university.

He was handling couple classes daily, 2 classes in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon. The late afternoon class, as he recalled is the weirdest class he ever handled. This class comprise of 19 Business Management Students taking Economics as Major subject. Every single time there's a paper exam or test, the number of papers will always be 20. Which is kinda odd as he only got 19 students for this late afternoon class.

The teaching career had been paying him good. At first he always wondered who this mystery student is with the name Arthur Vidal. Eventually he didn't care. As long as he's paid. Nothing unusual had been happening. Every single exam, assignment, test this Arthur Vidal is consistent in participating. But nowhere can he be seen inside the classroom. The whole class does not have a single idea who this person is.

Then came the closing of the first semester. Students and teachers are both excited to go on the semester break. Grades have been computed and everything's been set.

One late afternoon almost early evening already 6:00 o'clock to be exact. The catholic church bells not far away rung for the six o'clock prayer. My professor was still in class writing the finishing conclusion of the first semester when he heard a knock. Then he saw a young man, he never saw before, in complete school uniform. To which he was surprised. Students these past few weeks have been wearing casual outfits which the university has allowed given the fast approaching break.

The young man introduced himself as Arthur Vidal and what's more? He is asking for his grades. To his surprised my professor asked, "Where have you been all along?" The young didn't answer and just said, "I'll be waiting for my grades Sir, thank you." And left without warning. My professor was still staring at the door until he heard the honk of the last school bus trip.

The next day, his curiosity about this Arthur Vidal had him going to the registrar's office. So he asked the registrar, "Madam, do you know where I can contact Mr. Arthur Vidal?"

The registrar turned pale hearing the questions, she had been working with the university for quite awhile. It's been awhile she have not heard the name. She can still recall few years back buried in her memory. She answered, "Professor, why are you asking for Mr Vidal?"

My Professor then said, " Well, he was asking for his grades yesterday, and I don't seem to see his name in my student lists. " He explained furthermore, "I have been getting test paper answers from Mr Vidal since day 1 but never really thought about it until yesterday when he asked for his grades."

And registrar asked, "Well, how does this Mr Vidal look like?"

My professor then describe him as best as he could remember.

Then registrar's tears started flowing in her eyes. She then told my professor, " Mr Arthur Vidal has been been dead for almost a decade now. He died of suicide in that same room you are teaching after hours. He was a graduating student with the hopes of becoming a great economist. The subject that you are currently teaching is the reason he committed suicide. It's the only subject which was his major that he was marked failed and stopped him from graduating that year."


So what is life changing about this creepy sad story?

Life is unpredictable sometimes one single downfall like falling short with the grades we expect to receive can change our lives and the lives of the people around us. It depends on how we perceive things. Some people may take it as a challenge others not so much. The pressure of everyday expectation may drag our morale down. But I hope it changes us to be better. And never give up hope.




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Life Changing
Life Changing

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