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By niallon11 | Life @niallon11 | 16 Aug 2020


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Here it is.
The post that absolutely nobody was asking for.
The most non important post that I have written today and placed before the world for scrutiny and judgement. I’m sitting here with the weight of giants on my shoulder as I try to compose literature to equal the Iliad and the works of Shakespeare.

Not really to be honest.
I’m not really sure where I am going with this post today as I feel a bit out of sorts this week. Just a general lack of energy and lack of enthusiasm for the past few days. Nothing too serious. I’m sitting here in front of the tv about to watch Barcelona and Bayern Munich go head to head in a one of champions league semi final. It should be a great watch and I expect Bayern to come through the match considering how well they have been playing lately. Barcelona have a good team but it is getting older and it’s the couple of great players that usually get them through rather than the collective. That will work against weaker sides but against strong ones, you need strength and depth across the pitch.

That goes for real life as well. If you are leading a team or project you will make it over most obstacles with a few good people. They have enough talent and skill to overcome most of what is put in front of you. Those stars hide a lot of weakness by being so good at what they do and allowing others to slide by.

What happens when you face a tougher obstacle though?

One where you need to be firing on all cylinders and you suddenly find there are weak points in your team. That is where the trouble is. A solid team can be far more valuable than a few superstars. That ability to spread the work across many shoulders makes it a lot easier to shoulder large jobs. If you have a couple of giants holding the weight above everyone else, what do you think happens when one of them stumbles or falls. The people underneath aren’t used to carrying that weight and will be crushed by it.

Key players are important as a team will never be fully equal. We all have strength and weaknesses but the key is to balance these against each other to get the most out of the whole team. This is how you win. Getting everybody pushing in the same direction and using the full range of their combined skills to get the job done.

We can all add something to the team but there is no point in hiding below the stars and hoping not to have to do any lifting.

Even if you can’t lift, you can clear the path ahead. Support the ones with the weight on their shoulders. Take your turn and not depend on others to do it all for you. In the end you will be stronger for it too. You will n ever get any stronger unless you take on the weight from time to time.

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