Content engagement is like sex. #500wordsaday

By niallon11 | Life @niallon11 | 21 Jul 2020



If nobody is answering you, you might not be doing it right.


Where am I going with this??

You might be thinking that it is because like your sex life, any engagement that you have gotten is either very short and irrelevant or totally nonexistent at all.
Rest assured, that is just you and you should look into changing that situation. It’s not a good place to be in.

You engagement. Just like your sex life should be lasting, thorough, thoughtful and enjoyable for the other person. There are ways to improve your performance but as with most skills it involves practise and hard work. Fun if I’m talking about sex, not so much if I’m talking about leaving comments.

Why not just do it quick and dirty?

Well obviously you can hit up a lot of posts with quick insincere messages in the hope of getting those sweet rewards but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a call back.

“Nice post”, “great work” and even worse, “Will you vote/follow me” just don’t leave that lasting impression that leads to a long and healthy mutual relationship. There needs to be more for it to count as a good experience.

Think of the best sex that you have had over the years.

Was it personal, fun, dirty?
What made it good, the interaction or the content of it?
The length or the quality?
Was there give and take?
Some thought and effort put into it?

Was it with somebody that you know and have experience with or was it something new and exciting. There is a lot to be said for both. Someone that you have interacted with lots of times and know how they operate. That person whom you have a history with which will steer the direction of the interaction.

Equally, it can be great to find someone new and exciting. Something that you haven’t seen before. Something to get you excited.

When you engage with somebody’s post, this is the same process that you go through. It will depend on the history between you and whether it is a new relationship or one that you have lots of history in. This will shape the familiarity of the interaction.

You won’t just rush to the end and throw a random comment on the post. You will need to read it carefully. Take your time to understand it. Think about your response and try to give one that evokes something in the content creator.

Something that they can enjoy and then write back to you. Engagement is not just a one way street but needs to be enjoyable for both sides. Otherwise what is the point if you are not both getting something from it?

Just like sex it works best when both sides enjoy the process and get something from it. The more that you put into it then the more that you will get back from the engagement.

If you are the author, make it sexy. Make the content stand out. Make them want to comment.

If you are the consumer. Make it fun, interesting and enjoyable.

Make it the best damn engagement that they have ever had.

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