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Consistancy is your repeated effort over time. Consistency is everything for success.

By niallon11 | Life @niallon11 | 2 May 2020

It doesn't matter what you want to succeed with. If you start it without a plan and without the proper motivation, you are almost certainly going to fail. You will fail because to succeed you need to be willing to follow through until the very end no matter how tough it gets.

Anything worth accomplishing is very rarely easy.

How many people have you seen with an Olympic medal that train when they feel like it or stop when it gets a bit stressful or tiring??

Nobody. The people who win those medals put in years of blood, sweat and tears to get onto that podium. They put in the hours in the gym and train early in the morning. They follow strict diets and strict training schedules and no matter how tough it gets, they carry on.

And it will get tough.
There will be injuries.
There will be personal issues.
There will be other competitors.
There will be a hundred issues that you can't even plan for right now.
They don't just turn up on the day and expect to win.

How many business owners do you know that opened up the shop and became rich???

That got rich just by opening the doors and letting customers in. By creating a product and letting people buy it. Again, none. They earned financial stability by opening up early every morning. By watching every penny being spent to run the store. By marketing the product and spending years to build up a brand and reputation that people would come to spend money.

Years of living week to week, hoping that the dream would be a reality and working 60 hours weeks to get it there. They had the vision but backed it up with time and effort.

It's no good owning a shop if it isn't open on time each and every day. If the customers come in and can't get what they want while enjoying the experience.

Consistency = Effort / Time


I was at work today and the talk was about house prices due to the coming financial crisis of 2021. One of the guys there has been trying to buy for ages but the prices are crazy and he can't get a high mortgage as his wife doesn't work. They have good savings and he has a good contract so he can pay it back no problem.

I bought mine a few years back by setting up a savings fund and automatically adding to it every single month. I had to keep my budget tight but i kept at it for 2 years straight without touching the savings once. That got me a deposit and then the house a year later. Again I wanted something and did the same thing consistently every month for two years until i could get there. There is no secret to it as long as you are doing the right things.

If you want a house, you must save. If you want to win sports you must train and if you want to get noticed you must market. There are lots of ways to do these but it's the consistency that will get you there.

If I had kept missing months or taking money out of that account then it could have taken 5+ years or maybe never to get into the position that I wanted. Even missing one month changes the mindset and increases your chance to skip more going forward. It's alot tougher to get going again once you have broken that consistency of effort.

If you want to get noticed online the same formula applies. To become a famous content creator or popular influencer you need to apply, Consistency to what you are doing.

Consistency = Effort / Time


It should come as no major shock that the people you see now as famous spend years building up a profile from nothing until a miraculous or lucky break got them some mainstream attention. The truth being that most lucky breaks come from spending years putting yourself out there until your content gets in front of enough people for the right one to notice.


If you want to become a blogger, vlogger, writer or influencer then it doesn't really matter how sensational you can make one piece. How much brilliance that you can spill onto one page if you can't back that up by doing it week in, week out. You might get some attention for it but without doing it consistently that will be long forgotten before they start teaching your entire works in English class.


You need to put in the time and the effort to make your voice heard. Even better if it's one worth listening to. Take that brilliance and share it to the world. Tag people on twitter. Post it into new and exciting places. Get it in front of people that will want to see it. Then when you can keep backing it up with more they will be waiting eagerly to sample the next part. They will share it among other people and build on your work.

Your consistency is exponential and if you can keep producing, will spread a little further each time until it has enough momentum to carry itself forward.


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Life @niallon11
Life @niallon11

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