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By niallon11 | Life @niallon11 | 22 Jul 2020


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I love building from the bottom. There is a great pleasure in taking something small and of little value and then turning it into something bigger and more valuable over time.


It’s a simple pleasure but I keep a big jar in my room for loose change. I throw coins into it for ages after every night out, every time that I go shopping and the loose bits that I find lying around my house and car. Pennies on top of pounds but the jar is fairly big.

I keep going with it until there is something special and then I get to empty it. Sort out all of those small coins and bring them to the bank. I actually really like the job of sorting them out and bagging them up. It’s surprising how fast it can all add up. All those coins that you don’t even notice make up a big total when stacked on top of each other.

Slowly and steadily they increase in value until they can be used to buy something substantial. That is my approach to life and also my approach to crypto. While it might not seem like that much now, stacking up all of those little pieces will add up over time. Even when you can’t see the total, it’s the effort over time that will count.

Lots of people are very impatient in life and want everything right now.

Now, now, now.

They think that they deserve everything and that they deserve it straight away. They see others with more and don’t understand why not them?

Why is this person famous or why is that one very rich?

They don’t seem to look any deeper into the fact that the majority of these people started with nothing.

Amazon didn’t spring up overnight. It took time, hard work and inspiration to grow into the monster that we see today.

The Kardasians didn’t become famous in just one day. It took a combined effort, graft and opportunity to become the monster that we see today.

Facebook didn’t gain a billion users in one day, it took....You can see where I am going with this.

Now those are just a few examples of huge organisations that grew over time with hard work, inspiration and opportunity. These factors can be applied to anything in life.
Everybody starts from nothing and it is just a matter of what you do from there. Do you seek inspiration and put in the work to go with it?
Are you willing to build slowly and take the setbacks until you reach success?

Or would you rather try to grow really big, really fast. Hit a setback when people don’t instantly recognise your inherent genius and quit in frustration while complaining about how unfair life is??

I will probably choose option B myself but until then I will try to grow really big really fast so that everybody can see my true genius and follow it.

I will definitely achieve instant success in life with no effort.
And you can too.

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