Should you say Merry Christmas? YES

By steverobert | Life as we know it | 25 Dec 2022

I have heard much about says happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

When I say Merry Christmas I am asking you to enjoy and partake in MY celebration of the holiday. I am asking you to enjoy the light and cheer I celebrate.

In no way am I asking you to change what you celebrate. In fact I would welcome you to share your faith and celebrations with me.

In no way does it diminish your faith or the ability for you to celebrate your choice of holidays.

I which people would accept each others choices and celebrate whatever holiday there is to celebrate.

When someone says Merry Christmas, they are asking you to join them in celebrating their faith and holiday, why is that wrong. You have the same choice to ask me to celebrate your holiday too. This is how tolerance is created. Each celebrating what we want and asking you to join in on our joy for our holiday.

I am not asking you to convert, not diminishing your faith (or non-faith), I am sharing my joy and would hope you would share yours with me in the way your holiday and faith celebrates.

I am hoping we will accept each other in the joy and goodness this holiday is supposed to celebrate and then celebrate the joy of the other holidays our friends and family celebrate. Educate others on your holidays do not berate them for asking you to celebrate in theirs.

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