23 months on Splinterlands: Profit, ROI and Considerations + Advices For New Players

By libertycrypto27 | Libertycrypto27 | 13 Oct 2021


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23 months on Splinterlands: Profit, ROI and Considerations

+ Advices For New Players

It was October 18, 2019 when I decided to spend $10 to buy the Starter Set (previously called the actual Spellbook).
With Splinterlands I discovered a new world, a world I didn't know before: the beautiful world of blockchain-based games.

Until today I have tried and played several blockchain-based games but among all Splinterlands has been and still is my favorite blockchain-based game and not surprisingly it is also a game that runs on my favorite blockchain: Hive.

In the landscape of blockchain-based games, Splinterlands is a game unlike many others because at the core of it all and beyond all the features introduced later there is a card and strategy game that is fun to play.

Today more than 23 months have passed since the day of my first battle, that first battle was followed by 13515 other battles.




I played an average of just over 19 battles a day, and after 13516 battles I still enjoy playing Splinterlands as much as I did the first day.

Initially Splinterlands only had two main assets:

  • the cards and packs

  • DEC tokens

Today Splinterlands game assets are many more and to the cards and DEC tokens have been added over time:

  • SPT tokens

  • Plot tokens

  • Totem tokens

  • SPS tokens

Soon will be released also Voucher tokens useful to participate in the presale of the new collection of Chaos Legion cards.

When I like a game, a project or an activity, I also like to write and share my progress and my considerations and that's why for 23 months now I publish a monthly report in which I consider Splinterlands only from the financial point of view and completely leave out the play aspect of the game.

And here I am with my twenty-third report on Splinterlands.

Note: In the numbers of this report the comma "," and the dot "." are both decimal separators.

Below are the topics I will be covering in this my monthly report:

Report Topics

  • Final Result Previous Report

  • Evaluation of Splinterlands as Investment (after 21 months)

    • Total Investment Cost

    • Total Revenues

      • Value of my card collection

      • Value of accumulated DEC tokens

      • Revenues from the sale of DEC tokens

      • Value of the Plots

      • Revenues from Farms DEC - BUSD LP (CubFinance)

      • Value of Splintershards tokens (SPS)

      • Value of card packs purchased but not opened.

  • Profit/Loss calculation

  • ROI calculation

  • Report Results Considerations

  • Month by month history of my investment in Splinterlands

  • Advice for new players

    • But do those who sign up today still have a chance to make a good profit?

Final Result Previous Report

The starting point for each of my monthly reports on Splinterlands is the result I recorded in my previous monthly report.




In the following image you can see the results in terms of ROI and Profit that I calculated and recorded in my previous report (September 16, 2021).




The results I have obtained after 22 months since my registration on Splinterlands and up to September 16 have been really good results for me especially when compared to my total cost of investment:

  • Total Profit$26764.87

  • ROI5106.44%.




Now, at the same time as writing this report of mine, I will proceed to evaluate my investment in Splinterlands to date.

Evaluation of Splinterlands as Investment

(after 23 months)


Analysis of each investment involves calculating and comparing costs incurred and revenues obtained.





Total Investment Cost


The total cost of my investment on Splinterlands is given by the following sum:



Registration Cost (Summoner Speelbook: $10) + Total Cost of Cards and Card Packs Purchased + Total Cost of DEC tokens purchased + Total Cost of Plots purchased


Note: In calculating the total investment cost I only consider the costs I incurred by injecting external liquidity into the game.

Since the date of my last report (September 16, 2021) and until today, October 12, 2021, I have not injected external liquidity in my investment on Splinterlands and for this reason the total cost of my investment remains unchanged from my previous report: 524.14$.





The total revenue earned from my investment on Splinterlands is the sum of the following values:

  • the sum of the market value of the Cards that constitute my card collection

  • the gain obtained from the sale of the cards

  • the gain obtained from the rental of my cards

  • the value of the DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) tokens accumulated and not reinvested.

  • the gain from the sale of DEC tokens.

  • the market value of the plots that I have purchased.

  • The gain from the sale of the Plots.

  • The gain from using DEC tokens in a Farm.

  • The value of the Splintershards (SPS) tokens I have obtained from the current airdrop to date.

  • The value of card packs purchased but not opened.

How much is my card collection worth?

Thanks to the Peakmonsters site, it is easy to know the value of my card collection as well as the value of the card collection of any other player.




In fact, the value of my card collection is displayed in the My Cards section of the Peakmonsters website (

The Peakmonsters site calculates the value of Splinterlands card collections based on two different prices: Market Prices and List Prices.
To calculate the value of my card collection I always consider the lesser of:

  • the total value using Market Prices.

  • the total value using the List Prices.

Since I write a report every month I have been able to monitor the value of my card collection almost monthly.


On March 26, 2021 my card collection had a value of $819.63 (using Market Prices)




On May 3, 2021 my card collection had a value of 1164.44 $ (using Market prices)






On May 27, 2021, my card collection had a value of 1349.09 $ (using Market prices)






On July 10, 2021 my card collection had a value of 2511.49 $ (using Market prices)






On August 11, 2021 my card collection had a value of 11617.01 $ (using Market prices)





On September 16, my card collection had a value of $23249.22.




Today, October 12, my card collection has a value of $25293.08.




The value of my card collection has fluctuated especially over the last couple of months and on some days has even exceeded the $30000 mark.
Compared to the value I recorded in my previous report I am happy to record another increase in value.
In just under a month the value of my card collection has increased by +2043.86$.

What is the value of the DEC tokens I have in my wallet?

DEC tokens (Dark Energy Crystal) are the native tokens of the Splinterlands game, they are obtained as a reward for each battle won within the game and can also be found inside the chests.
The chests are received every day as a reward for completing daily quests and every 15 days as a reward for in-game achievements at the end of the Splinterlands season.
DEC tokens are utility tokens because they have many use cases:

  • they can be sold and bought on HiveEngine/LeoDex/TribalDex

  • can be used to buy cards, potions, Spellbook (starter set)

  • can be used in the DeFi platforms of CubFinance (, UniSwap and TribalDex pools.

  • can be used to pay for card rentals

  • they count towards the current airdrop score to receive Splinterlands governance tokens (the SPS tokens).

In my in-game Splinterlands wallet I have a total of 111933 DEC tokens.




As you can see from the calculations in the image below, today October 12, 2021, 111993 DEC tokens have the value of 1475.74 $ (Highest Bid on LeoDex/HiveEngine/TribalDex)




Revenues from the sale of DEC tokens on Hive Engine

I have almost always used the DEC tokens earned from battle victories and the sale of my cards in the purchase of cards and card packs with the goal of upgrading and improving the battle strength of my card collection.
On one occasion (October 5, 2020) I sold 81000 DEC tokens to do a Power Up on Hive and thus increase my amount of Hive Power (HP).
From that sale I received 400.14 HIVE in return which, at the time of the sale, had a value of $64.8.
Unfortunately I can't go back in time otherwise I would have performed the reverse transaction :)

How much are my Plots worth?

On November 21, 2020 I purchased 3 Plots at a great price: 7500 DEC per plot.
So I spent a total of 22500 DEC whose $ value at the time of purchase was $19.66.
If I consider the current value of the DEC tokens the 3 plots cost me 296.64$.



In the last three months all the assets of the Splinterlands game have acquired a lot of value and also the value of the plots has followed the same trend.
And to think that initially the plots could be purchased directly from the Shop section of the Splinterlands website spending only $20!
The Plots have all been sold and already for some time.




Now those who want to buy a plot can buy it exclusively from the markets outside the Splinterlands game.
Today September 15, 2021, the lowest sales order for a Plot on Hive Engine is 725 HIVE whose dollar value is $558.97.




Those who have bought so many plots and especially those who have used the credits (dollars) to purchase plots have made a really great investment.
A plot that could be bought for 20$ at the end of the year 2020 is now worth 558.97$!

For the purposes of calculations in my report I will consider the value of the best purchase offer (Highest BID) on which is 694 HIVE.

The total value of the three plots in my possession is 2082 HIVE = 694 HIVE * 3 plots = 1605.22$ (previous report value: 1266.13$)


Leofinance ( is one of the most active and well-known communities on Hive and has created and developed a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform called CubFinance (
On CubFinance I have put 24000 DEC tokens to work within the DEC-BUSD LP (V2) Farm.




So far the liquidity I put into the DEC-BUSD farm has earned me 13,242 CUB tokens = $5.12.

The value of Splintershards tokens (SPS) obtained from the current airdrop

The airdrop of Splintershards (SPS) tokens, the Splinterlands governance tokens, has contributed greatly to the increase in value of Splinterlands game assets.
The airdrop of SPS tokens is an annual airdrop (365 days) and today, October 12, 2021, 78 days have passed since the airdrop began.




In 78 days of airdrop I have accumulated a total of 8780 SPS tokens which I have put all in stakes and whose value is 7190.44$ (image below).




Value of card packs purchased but not opened

A while back I bought 100 packs of cards from the Untamed collection in bulk from the Shop section of the Splinterlands website, and as a bonus I received 10 free packs of cards.

I opened 90 packs of cards and still have 20 packs of cards to open or sell.




Today the value of an Untamed card pack at (Highest BID) is 70.76 HIVE = $54.55.




The total value of the 20 packs of Untamed cards in my possession is 1091$.

A little bit of calculation...

I have now collected all the data I need (Total Costs and Total Revenues) and I can calculate the profit and ROI that I got from my investment on Splinterlands after 23 months.


( Revenues - Costs )

As you can see from the calculations in the following image the Profit that I have obtained after 23 months on Splinterlands is 36725.40 $ (previous report 26764.87 $)




From September 16 to today October 12, 27 days have passed.
In 27 days the profit has increased by almost $10000!
Splinterland happily continues to surprise me :)


( Return On Investment )

In my previous report I recorded an ROI of 5106.44%.
After 27 days the ROI has increased and is now 6906.79%.




Month by month history of my investment in Splinterlands

Below you can see the history of my personal investment on Splinterlands from month six until today September 16, 2021..

The trend of PROFIT from the sixth month onwards was as follows:

  • PROFIT after 6 months: 27.99 $

  • PROFIT after 7 months: 82.346 $

  • PROFIT after 8 months: 24.214 $

  • PROFIT after 9 months: 78.902 $

  • PROFIT after 10 months: 44.014 $

  • PROFIT after 11 months: 149.437 $

  • PROFIT after 12 months: 307.279 $

  • PROFIT after 13 months: 316.13 $

  • PROFIT after 14 months: 311.16 $

  • PROFIT after 15 months: 338.02 $

  • PROFIT after 16 months: 392.60 $

  • PROFIT after 17 months: 687.68 $

  • PROFIT after 18 months: 1046.56 $

  • PROFIT after 19 months: 1239.77 $

  • PROFIT after 20 months: 2232.06 $

  • PROFIT after 21 months: 13310.82 $

  • PROFIT after 22 months: 26764.87 $

  • PROFIT after 22 months: 36201.26 $




The ROI trend from month 6 onwards was as follows:

  • ROI after 6 months: 34,73 %

  • ROI after 7 months: 77.02 %

  • ROI after 8 months: 10.93 %

  • ROI after 9 months: 34.33 %

  • ROI after 10 months: 16.99 %

  • ROI after 11 months: 57.68 %

  • ROI after 12 months: 118.59 %

  • ROI after 13 months: 113.41 %

  • ROI after 14 months: 111.62 %

  • ROI after 15 months: 121.26 %

  • ROI after 16 months: 140.84 %

  • ROI after 17 months: 246,69 %

  • ROI after 18 months: 334.33 %

  • ROI after 19 months: 368.60 %

  • ROI after 20 months: 425.85 %

  • ROI after 21 months: 2539.55 %

  • ROI after 22 months: 5106.44 %

  • ROI after 23 months: 6906.79 %





Splinterlands continues its run and all of its assets continue to grow in value such as SPS tokens which just a few weeks ago were worth around $0.25 and are now worth $0.83.




1000 DEC tokens that only 8 months ago (March 11, 2021) were worth $0.68 are now worth $14.02.




I'm really very pleased to have believed and invested in the Splinterlands game and I think the best is yet to come....

Splinterlands is a concrete example of all that a blockchain-based game can offer to its players:

  • fun

  • exclusive digital ownership of the game assets (tokens and NFT)

  • many different possibilities of gain and investment

Sooner or later the blockchain based games model will be the dominant model in the videogames industry, it's just my personal conviction and it will take some more time but the overtaking of blockchain based games on centralized and traditional games will happen and when it happens I hope to be in the first row.
If you have never tried a blockchain-based game I invite you to read a post I wrote not long ago in which I expressed my thoughts on blockchain-based games and compared two games similar in gameplay but very different in their structure: Splinterlands and Hearthstone.


Senza titolo-2.jpg

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Link Post:


Advices for new players

But do those who sign up today still have a chance to make a good profit?

The first players to have believed in Splinterlands and its potential have really made a winning move from all points of view.
Those who enter a successful project like Splinterlands later will obviously grow less quickly than those who built a collection of cards with a few dollars but Splinterlands still has a lot of potential and still has a lot to offer to its players including new players.

The advice I always give to new players is to be "Smart" players and look at Splinterlands as a nice project within a great ecosystem that is the Hive blockchain.

Those who only play will grow slower in the game of Splinterlands especially if they have decided not to invest external liquidity in the game.

Those who are smarter, for example, in addition to playing the game will also participate in weekly contests organized by Splinterlands on the Hive blockchain. In this way he will grow much faster than a simple player and at the same time he will discover and get to know the beautiful and large community of Hive and the many other projects on Hive.


Will ROI and Profit grow in the next month or will they suffer a decrease?

Follow me to find out ;)



I hope you liked this post and thank you for taking the time to read it :)


Are you not a Splinterlands player?





Splinterlands is a beautiful game and it has proved to be a very good investment (at least until now) and if you regularly participate to the weekly contests organized by the @splinterlands account you will recover the registration cost (10$) in a short time.

If you decide to register, you can do it from this link:

of course if you'd like to use my refferal link... :)


Any game that involves the purchase of cards and tokens is never a simple game but it is also an investment and should be considered as such.
I am not a financial consultant and if you decide to invest in the game of Splinterlands you do it for your own choice, after having made your personal evaluations and considered all possible risk factors.

My advice is to always invest only what you can afford to lose with a light heart.

See you on the battlefields of Splinterlands.


A selection of my previous posts on Splinterlands


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I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind blockchains and I dream of a decentralized world.


I love life and freedom. The freedom to live in respect for yourself and others. I love the philosophy behind the blockchains and dream of living in a decentralized world.

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