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Black Lives Matters protests about control, not justice.

By CryptoKeeper | Liberty Biscuit | 2 Jul 2020

Black_Lives_Matter_Marching_on_Plymouth_Avenue_-_Jamar_Clark_Protest_%252823050055045%2529.jpg Photo by Tony Webster    

The wrongful death of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a tragedy. It is a tragedy for people of color, the city of Minneapolis, and for the nation. Police brutality, and excessive use of force is a problem that is both rampant and long standing. We as human beings have a duty to at the very least be aware, and be sympathetic to the plight of all peoples who we share this country with.

   You don't need to start a movement, or get a degree in activism to be awake to what's happening, you just to need acknowledge what has gone wrong, and when it comes time to add your voice to the ballot box, get out there and do it. We should want to participate in the system, and do our part to change it for the better, and for decades we were doing just that. Now it seems that we have taken a detour somewhere and we are now heading in a very dangerous direction.    Far left and far right activist agitators are trying to disrupt the direction this country has been headed in, and throw it off the tracks into a wasteland of division and hatred, fueled by vicious propaganda and psychological mind games.  Our duty as free thinkers, and as lovers of liWandbild_Portrait_George_Floyd_von_Eme_Street_Art_im_Mauerpark_%2528Berlin%2529.jpg

berty, is to push back against this kind of base lunacy and bias, to deny the false narratives being created, and to be vigilant in the quest to speak truth, promote peace and unity, and to use the force of words to tear down the false narratives being rammed down our throats.  

 "White privilege not working out for you? It's because 5G has secretly made you a black carrier of bat viruses." 

"Do people look at you funny because you are of a darker hue than them? Blame the illuminati funded chemtrails." 

   The situation in Minneapolis is truly disturbing, and unfortunately plagues with biased reporting, and conspiratorial nonsense. I don't know what to actually believe and what to dismiss as nonsense. There are reports that many out of state protesters have been arrested in recent days, but the claims that nearly 80% of the rioters are out of state professionally organized people is absurd. The burning, the destruction of police cars, and the rioting started long before out of staters could have conceivably mobilized such a concerted effort. So while it's possible they are contributing to the continued unrest, they didn't start it. Great, now I have that awful Billy Joel song in my head.    

Photo by Lorie Shaull      A_man_stands_on_a_burned_out_car_on_Thursday_morning_as_fires_burn_behind_him_in_the_Lake_St_area_of_Minneapolis%252C_Minnesota_%252849945886467%2529.jpg

All that being said, I absolutely deplore the actions of the rioters who are looting businesses, destroying private property, and committing to actions that do not have anything to do with corrupt police, or justice for George Floyd. The very fact that minority owned businesses were targeted for destruction and looting is all the proof I personally need to believe that there are opportunistic people who don't give a care about justice, but are indoctrinated into the cult of victimhood who feel they have an absolute right to take for themselves what they wish from those who they feel are part of the problems that plague their lives.    Looting is about greed, and while it contains the element of the violent release of anger from perceived injustices, it targets things outside of the issue at hand, and are therefore not working toward justice and unity.

Their actions are wrong, and should be absolutely condemned. Every week things continue to degrade, and now it seems a full on insurrection is afoot.     Live PD has been cancelled, and now these fools are trying to cancel Paw Patrol. Live PD went a long way to promote transparency in policing, and paw patrol is a good natured kids show. At this point, fuck these people. This has nothing to do with George Floyd, it has nothing to do with racism in the US, it's cancel culture gone wild.    I say the time is now to push back against this horrible encroachment on liberty. The 'autonomous zones' and armed guards are turning this 'peaceful' protest into a straight up insurrection. I think this whole thing was a planned coup by the far-left extremists because of the instability of the country due to coronavirus. They are putting the countries recovery at risk, and destroying our infrastructure.    Cub_Foods_Damage_-_Minneapolis_Riots.jpg Photo by Tony Webster    

Now that they control whole areas, if anything happens in those areas, I doubt you can blame it on mysterious white supremacists, the guards are checking everyone who goes in and out. What about the reports of extortion to boot? That's not very peaceful, that's a protection racket a la the mafia. The dangers of cancel culture, and a generation of censorship loving, 2nd amendment hating children are trying to butt fuck this country with their petty bullshit grievances that they can't even scientifically quantify. It's all smoke and mirrors and epic gaslighting.   The statistics don't match their outrage.

Their actions are setting a dangerous precedent for the future of free expression, liberty, and 2nd amendment rights in this country. You know that they will continue to 'cancel' anything they disagree with, they've gone after the police, and now they're cancelling tv shows, and actors from tv shows who don't live up to their standards. Hartley Sawyer from The Flash tv was fired after tweets from 2012 came to light. (Someone really had to dig for that, and that's just sad.) They will come after the language next, and they will come for your guns, and they will not stop until they have created their diabolical utopia of intersectional diversity.   The only hope I have is that conservatives have a huge head start on stockpiling guns. We may need them to stop this delusional mob of liberal arts loony toons.   

*As with anything you read on the internet, please consider carefully how you interpret the words of the author. I am not suggesting that any violence should occur, I am only stating that should a violent insurrection occur, it is the duty of good Americans to stop it before it destroys our country. That may involve violence, something I do not support, but understand in some extreme cases may be necessary to defend our freedoms. Please don't do anything stupid.*

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