How to identify Scammers

By Alexica Adams | LexLex | 14 Jun 2020

Getting scammed can happen to anyone if the scammers marketing tactics look very legitimate.

Many a times you see posts about turning $20 into $2000 in 24 hours and at the end of it, it says "ask me how" or asks you to click on some other link. That's a red flag right there. Now, don't get me wrong, SOME are actually legit because they might be referral links that give you $5 for signing up, for example, Honeygain-->($5) or Freelancer that gives $20 but requires payment registration by credit or debit card. DOES IT TURN THAT $5 OR $20 INTO THOUSANDS? No! Not without doing some sort of work at least. 

Scammers use the desperation of individuals to trap them into thinking that they can make them thousands or millions overnight, and the reality is that NOTHING COMES EASILY. ESPECIALLY MONEY. So, what are some of the ways that we can identify them? Here are a few.

1. Strange requests for certain details like:

  • Credit Card
  • Online Accounts
  • Personal Documents

2. Strange money transfer requests like:

  • MoneyGram or Western Union
  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-Loaded Debit Cards
  • Crypto Currency Transfers

3. Strange emails that look like official companies with their logo and brand design, that claim you have won money

4. Contact details that are too vague. A red flag is a PO Box

5. Messages that look too generic that don't seem to personally greet you

6. The presentation quality is poor

7. Grammatical and spelling errors

8. A short or rushed time-frame in which a response must be given

9. Alternate methods of payment through a particular site

10. The deal just seems "Too good to be true"

Please do understand that scammers can also call you from very strange numbers. DO NOT ANSWER! BLOCK THE NUMBER IMMEDIATELY! CHECK THE PRIVACY SETTINGS ON YOUR PHONE!

Being a victim to scammers can really take a toll on someone. Please don't be another statistic. I hope that this post helps you to avoid scammers. 


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