You got scammed and Steve Wozniak isn't the only face to trick you

You got scammed and Steve Wozniak isn't the only face to trick you

By Hoi | Lets Talk about | 11 May 2020

I noticed that there is the "Cool" happening trend going where celebrities in the financial and tech industry are just GIVING AWAY THINGS!

during this bitcoin halving situation. 

For example

Oh my! too good to be true!

What?!?! Bill Gates?  THE BIG MUTHA FUCKIN GATES?!?! The founder of Microsoft is giving away 5k BTC?!

What's that you say?  Linux? The open source operating system that everyone knows and loves is giving away 15k BTC?? Holy fucking shit!

Oh shit look look, just fucking look bro! Vitalik Buterin is predicting more prices but not just that he's giving away 100k Etheruem! How fucking cool is that? 

No way, no fucking way Mark Zuckerberg? THE MARK ZUCKERBERG! is giving away 5k BTC?!?!?! I better jump on that, man or else you're a fucking loser.


ooooooooh boy!

Woah woah woah woah, fucking woah! Are you telling me??? that Robert Kiyosaki the author of his famous book on financial literacy; Rich Dad Poor dad, got into crypto currency and is giving away 5k BTC?!?!? Where do I fucking sign up?!?!?! Last time I checked, he was talking about buying gold!

What a loser.

You got scammed bro! you got scammed by a modern-day Nigerian Prince. Might as well give me your social security with your credit card number, because you cannot be this dumb to fall this type of bullshit.  

People. Watch out for this crap. Stop being fooled by images of celebrities trying to convince you to join in on their scheme. 


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