Will Cryptos beat the inflation?

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We have witnessed a high turbulence in the Crypto market.


One of my favorite Cryptos in the watchlist, Loopring (LRC) has pumped >42% and touched a high of 1.22819 USD in my trading platform today.  You are all right! I have sold a bunch of LRC and booked my profits.  I guess this would be range of resistance that LRC tested twice in the past.  I am looking forward to have any potential buying opportunity.

Will Cryptos beat the inflation?


We all knew that the inflation is hitting its all time high in almost all the countries in the world. This means that we need to earn more to beat the inflation in the days to come and all our savings should also perform well to beat the inflation rate. I wonder, the Cryptos definitely will beat the inflation. The Ukrain and Russia war will make higher the inflation in the coming days. We all anticipate the higher inflation in the US, will certainly reflect the markets worldwide.

If you have two equal parts – one with Crypto and other one with the Fiat Currency, definitely the Crypto would beat the inflation. The performance of the fiat currency in the traditional saving modes will underperform.

All we need to know this is because the total supply of the cryptocoins are pre-fixed. The Cryptos are basically an asset which is deflationary in nature. This is why it attracts all the people to invest on them to protect their hard earn money, increase the savings to beat all the inflation.

The only major thing to worry is the volatility of the Cryptos where should keep a constant watch and to safeguard ourselves from the fluctuations with appropriate buy-sell strategies to match with the risk rewards.

And the final thought is

Explore all the possibilities and find the gems of cryptos and invest them which will definitely turn around your life and every opportunity is around us in the market which we have missed in the past and should not miss at present!

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