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First NFT Physical Store in India by SOCIAL!

Dear Readers,

There are some initiative in the NFT arena which I wanted to share through this article.

SOCIAL launches India’s first exclusive physical NFT art gallery as a perfect fit in the tech city of Bengaluru.



According to their website,, Social is a space that blends the best of the office and the café. Combining work and play, it's an urban hangout designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists and innovators.

SOCIAL is a popular curated brand of Impresario Handmade Restaurants Group. 

As per SOCIAL’s social media page/ facebook announcement, they say,

”The doors of India's first physical NFT gallery are open! Welcome to New BEL Road SOCIAL. We're launching our new Cyber SOCIAL with a one-of-a-kind workshop, join us as we break down key aspects behind this new technology, delving deep into what it means for artists, creators, brands and consumers!”

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SOCIAL opened this new physical NFT art gallery to move them into the Web3 space. It is said that it would show a different collection of art by every month.

“Welcome to Web 3” is the name of the first exhibition, which was done by digital artist Angad B Sodhi. It also has works by Prasad Bhat, Dr. Wafu, AB Verse, and other NFT artists from Bengaluru.

The CEO of Impresario Handmade Restaurants- Mr. Mayank Bhatt said that irrespective of the NFT markets down, it would not impact them in any ways and this NFT gallery is community driven and not an commercial move.  

The NFT creator Angad said tthat this is the “real start of the NFT space” in India. He added that “While Web2 was the beginning of the creator economy, a major problem was that the creator did not own what they were putting up on the platform. Now with the advent of Web3, the creator not only owns the assets but can also include royalty clauses, which is a game-changer.

He anticipated that Bengaluru in India is the most important city when it comes to Web3. Most number of of the Web 3 startups in India have been nurtured in Bangalore- so it is an apt choice for anyone in the NFT space. He added that Bengaluru has also the largest population who have the understanding on NFT and Web3.

He added that they wanted people from the city to see their fellow community members, who have built a name for themselves in the NFT space and gained popularity, display their art. As a brand-new concept roped in with a creators community.

In the NFT Gallery, the customers can look at and buy works of the NFT art. As with the other outlook models, this NFT gallery outlet sells food and drinks in addition to being a place for art.

The move like this would definitely be a gamechanger for the NFT development and the NFT creators to showcase, earn and gain fame.




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