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ETHIndia 2023 - Largest Online Ethereum Hackathon!

Dear Readers,

There is also an opportunity to participate in an online hackathon. 

Devfolio and ETHIndia is in collaboration with the Telangana State Government in India are hosting an IRL event at Hyderabad in India- ETHforAll. 

This event is being conducted to bring forth conversations around the adoption of blockchain governance by the key stakeholders and decision-makers from the Government officials, VCs and the developers of the crypto eco system in making the decisions regarding public goods involving blockchain solutions and Ethereum. 

With this event, they are trying to leverage the crypto protocols to solve for the greater public good to address on the most important issues. 

The hackathon will be held from 3-19 February 2023. 

Devfolio is one of the India's largest and fastest growing community of builders based at the tech city of India- Bengaluru. 

No matter where you are from around the globe, you can register and participate in this exciting event. 

The necessary links for further information is given. Please make use of it and get to know more about this. 

These kinds of heckathons would be providing an ideal opportunity for all the stakeholders in the crypto eco systems to provide ideal solutions to the burning problems of the public good which is a welcome move. The real thing is the technology should help people to solve their problem- and exactly the program aims at. 

It is quite interesting to update ourselves on how blockchain would provide solutions to the problems and grievances of the public and how public would be using it in their day to day lives. 

With the active participation of all the stakeholders and the decision/policy makers, let us build the world better with the advent of Web 3 features!




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