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Crypto Lessons learnt in 2022 - Way forward to maximize our profits!

Dear Readers, 

During the crypto dumping session throughout the entire last year, there were various voices against the crypto and some sections of the people who are the haters of the cryptos said in loud voices that the crypto would fail entirely. To add to the fuel to this people, the crypto crashes like lunar, major crypto exchange FTX collapsed and as a continuation many drastic things happened in the Crypto Industry. 

But, the crypto enthusiasts patiently hold the positions and adjusted with more buying, Dollar Cost Average at the lower level. They have even did the buy-sell-buy strategy to book some profits. The long term investors continue to accumulate the great crypto based projects that were available at a very cheaper rate throughout the year 2022.  

The year 2023 was born. With few days, the Crypto Industry did witness a spectacular recovery. The investors patience did give a good returns with almost the entire crypto coins.  

We have already covered an article on Return on Investments (RoI) in the top 20 Crypto coins in January 2023. If you have missed that have a glance at here

In a matter of 1 month in January 2023 alone, the crypto majors did have a spectacular rally and on average, they did rallied 30%. 

I randomly picked few major coins and you can see the results

1. Bitcoin- BTC


2. Ethereum- ETH


3. Binance Coin- BNB


4. Cardano- ADA


5. DOGE Coin- DOGE



Not only these crypto coins; if you take any crypto based companies - you can witness the similar rally. For example, below are the movements that I have randomly picked-Coinbase Global Inc & Marathon Digital Holdings Inc., 

1. Coinbase Global Inc


2. Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.


In the recent times, no investors have witnessed this massive crypto blow- which wad due to multiple factors! But with this downward movement everyone have learned important lessons on how to go about with the bearish market strategies and gain hope that the crypto markets would pump again. 

I am again using a chart which I have used in my earlier article to get a picture on the Return on Investment in the month of January 2023 in the top 25 crypto projects based on their market capitalization for your easy reference, according to the coinmarketcap website. 


On a whole all the users got quite enough experiences with the market movements and the attraction towards the crypto projects again which is a welcome sign. 

The days ahead are unpredictable but all we need to have the confidence and faith with the good strategies according to the crypto market movements for a spectacular return on our investments. 

Learn more technicals, go through the tokenomics- whitepaper, explore the news and developments, understand geo-political situations, use of AI based tools etc., 

We also need to understand that during the difficult times, we need to understand -Return on Capital is  more important than Return on Investments. 

So, have your right strategies and take on the markets in the coming days!



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