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Return on Investment of Cryptos in January 2023

Dear Readers,

As in the New Year 2023, we have witnessed a spectacular bounce back in the Crypto markets. 

Having witnessed various crypto collapses, there had been a complete knock out of the Cryptos globally and many have lost their hope in the Crypto markets. But, the year 2023 has given the hopes again for the crypto investments would bring some good return with the return on the market moving upwards. 

We have successfully completed the first month of January in 2023. 

The review and re-plan is necessary at every stage of our life to propel ahead.

Let's see the return on investment of our crypto portfolio for January 2023 with a simple calculation and analysis!

If we invest on 1 January 2023 in the top 20 Cryptocoins based on the market capital according to the coinmarketcap website, the following would be the return as of 31 January 2023. 

There were so many other coins which gave a spectacular returns as well. I have not taken all the other coins. Let's discuss with the top 20 crypto coins alone according to their marketcap as on 31 January 2023. 

The Present Value is the value as of 31 January 2023 ( At the time of writing this article. This value may be varied slightly as the fluctuations in cryptos are high in nature). 


From the above table, the top five coins gave a spectacular returns are 1) Solana- 1387.09%; 2)AVAX-811.26%  3) ADA-581.82% 4) MATIC-443.72% 5) SHIB- 442.36%

This data can be visualised with the following graph as well.



Though the top 20 coins remains the same as of 31 Jan 2023 as compared to 1 Jan 2023. There are some positional changes based on the market capital. 

I encourage you to keep a good track on all your crypto investments and plan effectively according to the data analysis.

Have a successful year ahead!



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