Unstoppable Domains: New feature coming very soon

Unstoppable Domains: New feature coming very soon

By cryptouf | Les cryptos pour les nuls | 27 Jun 2020

In a previous article I presented Unstoppable Domains.

As an early member, i recently had acces to a new feature ! and it's amazing. 

You can now use you .crypto domain to chat with other people


The same username can be used across chat applications and the user isn't locked into a particular chat network.


It's also private and can't be censured. The power of the blockchain.

This a just a new step, Dapps, need to integrate p2p protocols. But things are moving very quilcky and you UD will more than probably be an very prowerfull tool in the futur. 

Don't wait and gab your domain. 


 Get $10 off their first purchase worth $40 or more using this link !

And additional info. If you are a user of crypto.com you benefit from 10% cashback by purchasing your domain with CROs on Unstoppable Domains.

Les cryptos pour les nuls
Les cryptos pour les nuls

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