Unstoppable Domains: your own blockchain domain

Unstoppable Domains: your own blockchain domain

Hello everyone In this article,

I would like to introduce  Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable Domains (UD) allows you to purchase your own blockchain domain.

But what is it for ? 2 things. Both can interest you or only one of them. They are independent.


1 /Replace cryptocurrency addresses with a human readable name


It is certainly this point that will interest most people.

Indeed, no more copying and pasting of extended addresses when you want to send your cryptos to someone (or to yourself). You can choose your domain name, ending in .zil or .crypto. You buy the domain 1 time and keep it for life. Then simply go to your account settings on the UD website and copy / paste, once and for all, the addresses of each token you want to receive. There are 50 available (BTC, ETH ...) and the ultimate goal is list them all . It's a bit tedious the first time if you want to enter an address for each token. But then you will have nothing more to do.

Does that still seem abstract to you at the moment? At present, the usefulness of having your own domain may still seem unclear. You are going to tell me: If someone wants to send me BTC, I go to my app, I copy and paste the address and I send it…. Certainly ! But you will always have the possibility of making a false manipulation (or your friends), it takes time, you need your phone at your fingertips ... And if crypto is the next mass adoption, then it will be very useful. It’s pretty geeky at the moment but it may become very useful in the near future. And the choice of the name of your domain will probably be more limited in the future (a thought to you @PaulSmith99837).



What did you think when contactless on CB appeared ? Personally I did not understand too much the interest, typing a PIN takes 5 seconds ... But in the end everyone uses it now! 

Note that for the moment all wallets do not allow the use of addresses of this type. You will be able to receive tokens, because your “real” addresses will be linked to this address. But you will need a compatible wallet to be able to send to this kind of address. Again this is just the beginning, so far 20 wallets allow this (list on the UD website), but the list will grow over time.


From a practical point of view; your domain is represented by a UD token which will be stored in your wallet. You can therefore transfer it from one wallet to another. As long as you have this token, you have the domain name linked to it. You can store it on your Metamask wallet or on your Ledger key for example.


this is what your domain can look like:



I was also lucky to have this little avatar with it! I 'd like to introduce my wet rabbit !



2/ Have an Uncensorable Websites


The second thing you can do with your domain is to attach a website to it. As the site is stored on the blockchain and in your wallet, it cannot be censored or moved. And you don't pay for storage. Just buy the domain 1 time and it's yours. For the moment, I haven't looked very deeply into it.

I only tried to create a simple page. But I imagine that the offers and possibilities will increase in the future. Some templates are already available. 

To be able to display a website in .crypto or .zil, you will need either a compatible browser (Opera), or install an extension (on Brave and Chrome) . Again this is relatively new. But it will surely develop in the future with default access.




 Get $10 off their first purchase worth $40 or more using this link !

And additional info. If you are a user of crypto.com you benefit from 10% cashback by purchasing your domain with CROs on Unstoppable Domains.


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