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A place called home

Sitio Kulyatan

By leomar_07 | leomar | 23 Jan 2021

This place can be located in the province of Iloilo, the municipality of San Joaquin. This place is my province in which I was born and raised. I can say that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are lots of things that can discover in my province, high mountains, a wide-open sea and lots of trees. It has no malls, high building, and fast-food restaurants but I can assure you that there are beautiful things can be found in Sitio Kulyatan. Come with me and I'll your you on my Province.

Welcome to Sitio Kulyatan, this is the place where I was born as you can see there are corn crops, this is how people here lived every day. Planting crops like corn, rice, and other crops is the job of people in Sitio Kulyatan, it is peaceful and stress-free because there's no noise from the background just the sound of birds and animals around. This place is located in the middle part of the Mountain and sea that's why people here can get seafood like shrimp, fishes, and squids. If you like to swim it's easy to go to the sea because it's just a few meters away from the house.

This is our farm in Sitio Kulyatan, this is the land of my Lola and Nanay when I was a child, we always go to this place to get dried branches of woods and also we planting here trees and fruits like pineapple, Kalamansi, and other fruitful trees. This is the place where my ancestors lived, there's a ruined house located in this forest and a big tree of Mango. There are also high coconut trees and we're free to get the fruit.

See there are lots of coconut fruit and I got one to eat, it's almost 6 years since the last time I ate fresh coconut fruit and it makes me happy when I try one, I'm the one who picks up that fallen coconut fruit and we place it all together then they open it using the machete, it's so refreshing and delicious and after that, we pick up mangos and bring it home.

These are my siblings and my Lolo, he's the one who takes care of us because our parents are already dead, he must be old but he's so strong to feed carabaos on the farm and he also strong to carry heavy things that my Lolo do, I call him Papa. At the back, there are cousins and siblings, last time I saw them there are just cute kids but now they are already growing and some of them are teenagers and in high school. They are still nags because they always want to play with me and as a kind person, I participated in their activity and acting like a child.

This is my secret place in Kulyatan, when I was a child I always visited this place to watch the view and play, it's a downhill that's why I slide here with the use of trunks of coconut. Every time I feel lonely I'm always getting here just to make myself happy while watching the view of the sea and far mountains. After 7 years and I visited it again it has no changes, my favorite tree is still standing and the bushes are still there. I have lots of memories here, I hope I can visit here again and slide the downhill, it's ok if I get a bruise. The important is I enjoy sliding.

This is the tourist attraction in Sitio Kulyatan which called Kulyatan Marine Sanctuary, it was established in 2009 to preserve fishes, corals, and other sea creatures there, it is open for tourist who wants to visit this sanctuary. There's a cottage at the top of a big rock which is connected by a bamboo bridge, when I was a kid I'm so afraid to climb at the bridge because underneath the bridge is raging waves of water. Now other rocks have a cottage at the top and many tourists are visiting the sanctuary but there's a fee before you can enter, hopefully, we got free entrance when we enter the sanctuary and were free to take photos and videos. It's good to visit this sanctuary because it has an underground cave at the bottom in which it's very dark inside.

This is the school in Sinogbuhan in which I studied from kinder to Grade 5, I have a lot of experience at this school, and I can say that it has lots of improvements, it has two gymnasiums that students can freely use during break time. They've also built a garden of vegetables and they extended the rooms at the back, they have also a senior high school building, I've also wandered around and a little bit of change in houses. There are also computer shops and printing shops nearby the school, that's why students won't worry anymore. I hope we can go back there and visit other places that we miss a lot.

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