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Parallel Universe: Different Realities

By leomar_07 | leomar | 19 Jan 2021

Do you believe there is something else in our outer space? perhaps some of us believe that our outer space is made up of various other things that people have not yet discovered due to the lack of advanced technology only limited Scientific information available about our objects outer space. we can no longer deny that outing outer space is so vast that people's knowledge has not yet reached the middle of our knowledge about outer space many theories are emerging about our outer space, the various another theory about things we have never seen before such as Alien UFOs and other things in space but a theory cannot be called true without proof so our scientists are still researching many things to prove theory that they have. There are also theories that say the Universe is Round and others say that our Universe is flat but what is more widely believed today is the theory that the Universe is round because of the fact that objects in outer space are affected by gravity, just like our planet with the theory that says our planet is flat but the fact that our planet is really a round because it does have gravity.

Have you ever heard of parallel Universe theory? maybe for others it is new to their hearing but I will discuss with you what this theory really means. It all started from a very small thing that suddenly exploded in our outer space, this is called The Big Bang Theory. According to this theory from that explosion it was the beginning of the creation of other objects in our galaxy such as planet stars galaxies and milky ways. because of that explosion there many things formed in our galaxy and scientists believe that there are other things that exist in outer space. What exactly is the parallel Universe? the parallel Universe are worlds where they are our other beings in another world, meaning the world in another dimension. Here in my world I want to do something For example I want to go to the mall but in another reality I want to do basketball and in another reality I would prefer to just stay at home, that is the example of the parallel Universe where we have a different person in another world and he plays different roles. Many do not believe in this theory because it is very impossible for us to have another person or another world in another dimension . Do you think that you have the possibility that this theory is true because our outer space is very wide. There is also evidence given by scientists studying about the parallel Universe, but this has not been proven yet because they do not yet have enough knowledge and technology to reach and prove that the parallel Universe really does exist. These are some of the evidence gathered by scientists who say that the parallel Universe exists. First, there is a problem currently traveling in space and exploring the boundaries of the Universe, and because of the Cosmic microwave background radiation scattered in outer space from the explosion that occurred from the Big Bang Theory, this is what scientists trace to find out what exactly is the shape of the Universe.

There is also evidence to prove that the parallel Universe because there are events that have already happened here on our planet that relate to the parallel Universe. Just like a man who went to the airport and showed his passport to the guard but what surprised the guard most was the place where the man was already in the passport. They stopped the man first to find out what the place was in his passport but the man suddenly disappeared and was never seen again. There is also an incident in China that may be linked to the parallel Universe, an image of the city popped up over the city of China, with photos and videos proving that he did that thing but for scientifically it is just a natural phenomenon that occurs when hot and cold temperatures combine, When that happens it creates After Images that we see everywhere as if it were just a reflection of the city Below. a scientist also explained that it is called Fata Morgana which is a kind of atmospheric image. but such evidences are not yet sufficient to prove parallel Universe theory. in television shows we will notice that on the feet The show discusses parallel Universe theory one of the shows I watched was The Flash where the main character there flash is free to travel in the parallel Universe, there he meets the different personalities of the characters who are also present in the show. Flash is able to travel in the parallel Universe because of its speed that can stop time and through its ability he can create a portal where he can go inside and he can go to another world.

There is not enough evidence to prove that the parallel Universe is real in the future I believe that because of technology we will know the truth, and if the parallel Universe is true I want to travel to another world so that I can know myself, if what is my status in another world If I am famous, rich or famous. If this theory is true I can say it is very good because people will be free to recognize themselves in another dimension, But I know that if this thing is true the government will not allow people to know about it because it can result in widespread panic of humanity.

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