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DopeDoge " The Holding Inflation Fast By Through Of DopeDoge Tokens Ownership "

By lemplong | lemplong | 2 Aug 2021


Happy Nice Day guys,,,

Inflation is a serious problem, not only for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs, but also a concern for businesses, central banks, and governments. Therefore, to overcome inflation, concrete cooperation is needed between the community, government and business actors. Because Inflation is a condition where there is a tendency to increase the prices of goods and services in general in a long time (continuous) and weaken the value of the currency.
Then why inflation can occur and what causes it?

Every businessman or country really does not want inflation. Why is that ?Because if inflation occurs, it will trigger an economic crisis in all fields. Therefore, every entrepreneur or state tries their best and keeps inflation from happening. And here are some of the factors that cause inflation, including:
• Inflation Due to Demand,
This inflation occurs because public demand for certain products is too excessive, while the number of products in circulation is fixed, so that the price increases.
• Inflation due to the increase in the money supply,
Inflation occurs when the quantity of goods remains constant but the amount of money in circulation is doubled, then the price of goods becomes more expensive doubled.
• Inflation Due to Increase in Production Costs,
The high cost of production for a product, it is clear this will cause prices to rise, so this can also cause inflation. In general, the rising production cost inflation is due to the pressure on the cost of production factors that continues to rise.
• Mixed Inflation,
When the demand for a good or service increases, then the supply of goods and factors of production decreases. Meanwhile, substitutes or substitutes for these goods and services are limited or non-existent. So with this unbalanced situation will cause the price of goods and services to rise.
• Inflation Due to Stiff Economic Structure,
This inflation occurs because producers cannot prevent the rapid increase in demand caused by population growth. Finally, demand is difficult to meet when there is population growth.

These are some of the factors that can cause inflation. For entrepreneurs, what is felt from the impact of inflation is the financial sector. If not handled properly, it will have an impact on the company you manage. Good management is the main thing to prevent inflation, such as the management of the project that I will promote to you below.
Yeah right,,,

Dope Doge ($DDT)

" Hyper-Deflationary Token Running On BSC Chain "

Why Choose Dope Doge ($DDT) ?

Dope Doge is one of the projects that promises great opportunities for its users, through the Hyper-Deflationary Token Running on the BSC Chain, by increasing the value of each asset for Token holders automatically from every trading transaction activity carried out by other traders. Of course this is a very profitable way for DopeDoge Token holders. Because this is a program created by DopeDoge to provide a large income for each user. Where this is a form support from wholesalers to small traders through a system owned by DopeDoge, namely a redistribution tax for DopeDoge Token holders. So in this case, who do you think will benefit?
What is certain is that the answer is DopeDoge Token holders. Because the longer and larger the number of tokens you hold, the greater the value and amount.

The basis of the formation of DopeDoge,,

Formed based on a strong desire to create a token that has a high value and is not affected by inflation. So the DopeDoge token was created which has a strong value. DopeDoge is a gathering place for marijuana farmers and crypto currency lovers to provide the true benefits of marijuana, namely as a healing drug, and not as an ingredient in illegal drugs. This is a new way for cannabis growers to deliver and create as a cryptocurrency asset that has high future value and is resistant to inflation.


Main Feature,

• Instant Rewards,
Every DopeDoge token holder, will get instantly the ownership of the token he owns. You imagine, when other people make trade transactions, it is you who get income for the trades they make. How could this happen ? This happens, because you are holding a DopeDoge token. Automatically 4% of DopeDoge tokens will go to your assets. The more people make trading transactions, the bigger the DopeDoge token in your account..
• Waste Prevention,
By using a very simple mechanism, namely the Anti-Dump concept, but there is a strong behind the concept. DopeDoge uses the 8% buyback concept. Therefore, when a sell-off occurs, a portion of the buyback amount will be used to purchase tokens from the Liquidity pool. These tokens are burned immediately after purchase. So that the less the number of tokens in circulation, the more the value of the DopeDoge token will increase later.
• Safe & Safu ( Secure Asset Fund For Users ),
When the economy is in a bad state, many investors and companies have evaluated to calculate the impact that will be caused when economic uncertainty occurs. So the liquidity factor is very important, where many investors or companies are in need of an asset that is easy to trade to obtain additional funds in the form of cash. Through the 100% liquidity locking method, this aims to protect the interests of all users in the future.

Brilliant Opportunities Are Very Hard To Come Twice. Therefore, the sooner you have DopeDoge Token, the sooner you will go to the level of success in Cryptocurrency Trading.
And the question is, how do you get and buy DopeDoge tokens?
Therefore, Follow the Stages To Purchase DopeDoge Tokens:

• You Must Have Metamask Wallet, then add Bsc Network in your wallet settings Or you can use Truswallet,
• Make sure you have a Bsc balance in your wallet,
• Please visit this website: ( )To Exchange Bsc For DopeDoge Token,
• Then Add DopeDoge Token in your Metamask wallet or TrustWallet Wallet,
• Congratulations,,,, DopeDoge Token has been entered into your Personal Wallet..
The bigger the DopeDoge Token you have and the more people make trade transactions, the greater the number of DopeDoge tokens you have.

Cryptocurrency Trading Has Big Risks, Therefore, Please Read And Understand It Well Before You Begin..


Thank you,,,





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