AELF @ New Generation Cloud Computing by Based on Blockchain Technology

AELF @ New Generation Cloud Computing by Based on Blockchain Technology

By lemplong | lemplong | 4 May 2020


• What is AELF Project,

Information technology has changed more rapidly since the blockchain was empowered to build various applications. AELF is estimated to be one of the first blockchain-based cloud computing providers to achieve success. With the presence of AELF technology, this is expected to replace the old and obsolete Blockchain technology that we currently use. AELF cloud computing is a decentralized online operating system that can be accessed from all over the world by anyone. Just like the operating system that is usually installed on a desktop or gadget. This system will not require a large storage space in the gadget, because everything will be stored online on the blockchain.
Because in addition to having a unique concept, Project AELF provides an operating system also issues tokens / coins. This token will be used to pay for the cost of OS resources used in the network. Including the spread of smart contracts. System operation and upgrading. The project also allows the public that holds the token to vote on major decisions. For example in choosing node mining, introducing new features to the system and other decisions. Therefore as a project built on complex thinking, AELF is here to overcome this blockchain problem. Through linear processing with unlimited transaction speed and scalability, AELF is a successful cloud computing project based on blockchain technology


" Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network "

√ AELF Cloud Computing,
Cloud Computing is currently a big target in the internet market, because AELF offers a careful solution by becoming a Decentralized cloud computing network project within the AELF project, which aims to attract top-class investors.
And through the PoW system or alternatively PoS, AELF uses both of these methods to make the mining process more attractive. By using the PoW and PoS system this will make a lot of coins generated. Mining is expected to be completed within 100 years with the PoW and PoS systems.

The need for the Blockchain system continues to grow in order to meet the needs of users and the environment. And the development of blockchain innovation is developing, not only limited to printing digital currencies, but has also penetrated the world of games, social media, and online data storage. Therefore the emergence of the AELF project will provide a new business scenario in business and commerce.

The development of Blockchain Technology is indeed going very fast, but it still has problems, including:
- Limited Performance.
- Lack of Resource Sorting.
- Governance Model.

get the attention of the community because it can solve all the problems faced by current blockhain users.

• The relationship between the AELF project and the community,

Because it has a good product, AELF is a good potential for the community and market, so it has a very large user for the current blockchain industry. Indeed there are no official data about users of this AELF project. However, based on data taken from several social media and exchanges related to this blockchain project, it is estimated that there are already 10 thousand users or blockchain traders who have made transactions using the AELF token. This is an extraordinary thing for this project. And certainly, if the user will continue to grow in accordance with various promotions undertaken by the AELF project to introduce the blockchain to the wider community. For the sake of building an ecosystem and educating the market, the AELF project will provide more information and several events that will be held, including an official competition for writers like what I am currently following that aims to understand the economic potential of the blockchain for the community and get to know the AELF project more deeply. Through this activity, the AELF project wants to increase awareness of the importance of the blockchain industry. In addition, the AELF project also wants to educate as many people as possible to make users in the AELF project ecosystem one of the main hub-blockchain, which not only provides employment opportunities, but will also contribute significantly to the successful block business sector.

Here are some of the advantages and advantages for users who are members of the AELF project ecosystem.
Because there are many functions when you have this AELF token, which is that this Coin can be used for operating system payments, or can be sold on the crypto exchange.

• Team,



• Exchange,


• Conclution,


AELF project is a project that truly has and provides benefits to the ecosystems in it, especially for the wider community


here is the official channel of the AELF project:
aelf Website:
aelf Telegram:
aelf Twitter:
aelf Whitepaper:
aelf Economic & Governance Whitepaper:



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