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After the launch of an internet, digital-currency and the great blockchain technology behind it has been tipped to be the next big thing that will ever happen to human. This blockchain technology has been projected to have more impact in financial sector than every other sector where applied. This blockchain has the power and potential to bring changes to the whole financial system in which some changes and development have already been discovered ever since its adoption in the financial sector.

Some of the noticeable changes and development are improved trust and transparency, quick execution of transaction and some other benefits. One good advantage of blockchain technology is the delegation of power to the users and members directly which means powers are not been delegated to the central authority as we have experienced in the past. Blockchain development means a lot for both the financial industries and the end-users which are the customers. Its application in the financial industries reduces the stress, bulkiness, time allocated to each task and likewise help the customers to in quick processing of transaction, save lot of time for transaction for the customers and users and likewise its reduces the costs incurred on every transaction.


Blockchain technology is known to disrupt any financial institution or industries suffering from the problems mentioned above such as trust, transparency, high fees, slow deposit and withdrawal, insecurity and some others. These are the reasons why I’m introducing BCNEX financial project based on blockchain network to all my subscribers, crypto-lovers, traders and all crypto users out there. As we have identified the problems facing the financial institution, it needs a fast solution to all these problems if there will be any great development in the sector. That’s why BCNEX team has come with a possible solution through the adoption of blockchain technology to improve the whole financial sector. BCNEX project focused on the eradication of intermediaries in the financial sector. The traditional banks which are mostly centralized serve as the intermediaries and third-parties to every transaction conducted between members. BCNEX exchange will create trust among the users and traders without the involvement of intermediaries simply through the use of crypto-currency as the new transaction method. As the intermediaries would be removed from the system, it would lower the cost of transaction from both parties involved which is why I see BCNEX project as the real thing in the financial sector.

BCNEX crypto-currency exchange project aims to be the most secured platform in which safety of user’s fund and assets will be its priority. Let’s take the war and crises zone as an example we have seen what is happening to the local and native currency in Venezuela already which these problems have proven to the world that the local currency is not safe during crises and war. That’s why there is need for global adoption of digital currency and in other to ensure that adoption BCNEX has taken a step-forward through the launch of its exchange which users can easily safe their assets and funds anytime they want.


Other area focused on by BCNEX project is the customer satisfaction which the project has promised to improve and give the best satisfaction any customers can ever dreamt of. With the availability of good customer support users and traders in BCNEX exchange platform would be rest assured that there is someone out there for them in case of any enquiries or difficulties.

BCNEX exchange platform will be the best trading platform for all the crypto-currency traders because they have implemented some advanced trading features which are better than features present in the other trading platform out there. Some advanced trading tools have been implemented by BCNEX in the area of order arrangement, number of transactions per second which will be the largest of all crypto-currency exchange.

BCNEX has developed its own token which will be used in the platform as transaction fees and other payment method.

Token Name: BCNX Token
Token Symbol: BCNX
Token Type: ERC223
Total Supply: 200,000,000 BCNX
Token Sale: 100,000,000 BCNX
Token Price: $0.15 - $0.45


50% for Token Sale
38% to Team Member and Advisors
5% to Angel Investors
5% to Reserve
2% to Bounty Program

40% for Platform Development
40% for Branding and Marketing
10% to Legal and Auditing
10% to Reserve fund


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