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Syscoin Has A PoW Earner Created - But You Will Never Guess Where - Bonus Freebie SYS Coins

By XTRM™ | Beta Testing Lab | 20 Aug 2020

Guess who is not going to be earning from any referral or invites on this article?

Wow I am nice to you... So I should be nice to you, I am in a good mood this early morning. To boot I found a new toy on the wonderful Internet lands, that I have been occupied with testing for the last 7-days.

Not that I have been working flat out on this one little project... By all mean no... However it is possible that this little tool could well occupy more of your time, if indeed you wished to follow this Syscoin (SYS) Proof of Work gem to the clock.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not seen it before I introduce the 'online and live' Syscoin Proof of Work Faucet... STOP!

Wait a moment before you run off just from the very mention of the word 'faucet' - this is no ordinary faucet... This is exactly what the facility name has within it.

PROOF of WORK I am sure you will agree has been quite the rage recently, for some reason it just tunes in nicely with crypto lol... Syscoin PoW Faucet boffins have come up with a system for your browser, Android and Apple device, in which you can initiate a command on the Syscoin network and earn a small fee in Syscoin paid straight to your SYS Wallet within minutes.

This is easily done by entering the main faucet screen then pasting your SYS Wallet Address to the provided Text box and clicking the 'Start' button.

If your I. P. is eligible to initiate a Proof of Work 'Challenge' you will be diverted to the PoW Challenge screen - this is where you will see the Proof of Work Challenge go to work, whizzing through hashes.

Initially the challenge will be greyed out as the PoW starts to commit to validating the challenge. 

The time involved to complete a PoW Challenge can vary at different times of the day, network speeds and your data/WiFi speed. It is no more than a few minutes, but can be seconds. I am unsure about dial-up...

Once complete you will see the PoW Challenge turn green... In turn you will see the amount currently earned in SYS at the bottom of the screen if the challenge is semi-complete, you may claim this or wait for the challenge to complete which will automatically send you back to the start of the process having sent an amount of Syscoin directly to your Wallet.

Syscoin Proof of Work Faucet

These amounts vary during the actual challenge but using just an Android device (Sony Xperia) I have been receiving some handy dust every 15 to 30-minutes. Bare in mind that SYS could rocket up at any time. It all makes for sensible Hodling *wink* January 2018 saw SYS at just over $1.00, but currently hovers around $0.10 - but recently there have been suggestions of a rapid rise in value coming sooner rather than later - it's a pro gig the coin deserves more. 

I have worked out that when you recieve your payment of SYS, it is time to start another challenge... Or just go back and try again every 15-minutes obviously... 

I have actually enjoyed this PoW concept - I am going to continue to use it, I am sure the facilities are going to progress at the website.

There is no App download, it's just straight to the Website on your browser and away you go... 

No referral scheme is on offer currently - this may change - hence no affiliate link. 

Your Freebie awaits you at the link below - happy solving and earning. 

Syscoin Proof of Work Faucet - Free, no affiliation. 

But if you would like to donate a bit of Syscoin (SYS) to the office Christmas Party should 2020 get there - you may do so via the SYS Wallet Address below - Thank you... 

You could just place my syscoin address into the PoW and fire off a PoW on my behalf. Thank you again. 



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