WATER MİLLS (Su değirmenleri)

By Legend53 | Legend53 | 24 Nov 2021

One of the long life secrets:

Yes yes, you read it right! Watermills!
Unfortunately, today's people who have become mechanized and robotic have abandoned their traditional diet, like many other customs and traditions! Here is the review; that produces value, produces solutions to hunger: the food industry is never. Criticism here: The society, the self-sufficient group, does not think about their health and diet, and the lifestyles of our grandfathers and grandmothers, who live without a doctor or medicine until the age of 90-100, are not taken seriously.
I write in every post: I am not a doctor! I am not a dietitian! I also do not have the competence and education level to make suggestions to people.
But while I am writing all this: I think it is a human duty to reflect the lifestyles of people who live up to the age of 90-100 without seeing a doctor or a drug, to the society. It is to strive to contribute 3-5 days to people's lives without endangering their health.
Conclusion: Water mills, grinded; processing corn, wheat etc. with natural methods!! be you, be sure to ask whether an agricultural product (flour and bakery products): is processed in an electric or water mill. And prefer flour and bakery products processed in water mills.
I wish you healthy days

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I live in Istanbul. I am originally from Rize. My private hobbies: Cryptocurrencies, traveling, food, complementary medicine, fishing, driving. And I am writing for humanity as an amateur. (I'm never an expert)


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