MEDLAR: Continue to write the source if heling!

By Legend53 | Legend53 | 13 Dec 2020

Have a good Sunday. I recently wrote about alternative, traditional medicine. One of the important features of this subject is our diet. First of all, let me write this: I have no claim on this matter! Only: I transfer the information I have gained from people who have lived until the age of 100-110-120 without going to a doctor or using drugs. Just: to contribute their lives even in 3-5 days, without endangering the health of people. My first impression of that old, long-lived generation was that their diet was so different! Fruit: indispensable. The first things I saw were mulberry, walnut, medlar, pear (5-6 varieties! So in the winter they were eaten from pear branches! One of the important features of these fruits is that I think the body rests in winter and eliminates the effects of summer, especially in the stomach. In Rize (my hometown), medlar, let alone eating, especially the youth have forgotten! Ready food continues to threaten this group! Whereas when your health is at stake: we have to work hard to fix it. As a result: medlar: I would say that you should take care of your health, especially your stomach and intestines, by consuming it especially in winter.

#(in the photo there is the fruit of the dwarf medlar sapling. And I grew it myself)

I wish you healthy days.

Photo: Xiaoimi mobil.

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I live in Istanbul. I am originally from Rize. My private hobbies: Cryptocurrencies, traveling, food, complementary medicine, fishing, driving. And I am writing for humanity as an amateur. (I'm never an expert)


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