By LegalizaBrazil | Legalizabrazil | 16 Jun 2021

Hello, im here again to show my newest digital work.
That one is also to OCD & POOSH Need a LOGO Contest, hosted by @ocd and @acidyo this time i draw a POSH logo concept. If you didn't see, here's my OCD logo entry.


So, as usual i will share my creative process, just a reminder that this isn't a "how-to-build a logo", thats only my way to work.

Software: CorelDRAW2020
Img Source: Contest post

Ps.: All the draw art was made in vector lines, which can be edited in high resolution for future jobs/digital work.


For that one i had days to think, before talk about the concept lets read one more time what our "costumer" wants:


So, once we have our briefing now its time to figure out the principal elements. By saying that POSH is about "Proof of Sharing", i got a start point to draw.

This time i will show deeper in the vector draw process using CorelDRAW. Im doing that because we are a community, and one proposal of a community is to learn with each-other leaving besides the "competition".

Drawing Proof Symbol:
• In First step with the rectangle tool, i draw two pieces that will be used to the "proof" symbol.
• On second step, i did a round outline on my rectangles and
put then together in the right angle.
• Third step is to merge and basic paint the simbol.
Drawing Share Symbol:
• In first step with the circle and rectangle tool i draw the shapes.
• On second step i put them all together and merge to get my symbol.
• Third step: Paint.


Once the basic is done, i got to think how to give them a identity that sends my client message, and also give him a own identity.

With the main symbols done, i put them together and re-think about how i gonna execute the idea. Once i got the picture in my mind its time to "improve" my symbols.


So by now i got a real hard choice to make, but i will not talk about my doubt, cause i have to pass certainty in a brand logo. Again i will have to mix them in a format who sends the message and give a sense of identity.

In that point i got my initial mind picture done, but i wasn't satisfied, the draw got the message of "proof of sharing", but it was given a sense of randomness, it was missing the ID.

So, to apply a sense of identity i've decided to work with the brands name:


Doing that i was happy with this mix of the name and the "proof" symbol. To keep going i needed to put them all together again.

Approaching my final results i've decided to use a cleaner
shape instead the "paper" symbol.


With the basic logo draw done, some details finished, its time to choose a color and paint.


i've decided to use the blue color, because blue means trust and serenity. And finally i got my final results. I tryied in the processes to create a logo that sends a visual message and also give a ID to the brand.


There is a sample of the functional aplication of the logo being used for a Token Icon.

That's it! I appreciate the opportunity to join this contest, and wish best of lucky for all.

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