By LegalizaBrazil | Legalizabrazil | 14 Jun 2021

Hello guys,

This is my contribution to the OCD & POOSH NEED A LOGO - CONTEST hosted by @ocd


Myself introduction:

I'm new at HiveChain. Discovered PeakD about 2 weeks ago, by playing Sprinterlands. Turns what i am a Graphic Designer, in my first attempt i've won the first place on Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 140.

But the joy of being part of HiveChain and Peakd is that i can apply in contests like this, to work in my digital art, and eventually get rewarded by that.

So, i will share my creative process, just a reminder that this isn't a "how-to-build a logo", thats only my way to work.

Software: CorelDRAW2020
Img Source: Contest Post
Ps.: All the draw art was made in vector lines, which can be edited in high resolution for future jobs/digital work.

My first step is to put together the "customer" references and some shapes to figure out how could be the start point.


Once i realize what i can do, its time to draw the most importants elements and the first shape.


So, for now im trying to chose one in many ideas on how to put then togheter, i will show one picture of some that i was choosing wich should i use.


Once i have the final idea, its time to try in some media formats.


By this time i wasnt full satisfied with the results, because i dont feel comfortable with a logo that dont fill a large space in avatar's profiles.

So i did a rework again and got my final result:


Hope you guys like my work.

To anyone who dont know OCD's initiative checkout in OCD Profile or OCD Community.

Thats it, glad to participate no matter the results. Good lucky for all participants.

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