By Don_Christov | Lee's musings | 10 May 2020

To say I learnt just three lessons from my father from my childhood to adulthood would be the biggest lie of the century and a huge disrespect to him. But 3 of the biggest things I have learnt from him in my many years learning under his tutelage are;


* Learn to consider others: My father is one of the most considerate persons I know and he would most often than not puts others into consideration before taking a decision. Many times before I did anything, he would tell me ;


"There are other people here, learn to consider them too".


Well I won't say I'm perfect in this yet, I can still be selfish at times but I am constantly practising it so maybe at some point I will be like him in this lol.


* Never scorn at the less fortunate: This is also another big lesson I learnt from the big man. He would never despise any one who is less fortunate and he taught all his sons never to despise them too. He would always tell me then;


"Never mock them, or else God will look down on them with pity and transfer their problems to you in tenfold".


This is one big lesson I've learnt, never scorn those with problems or less fortunate. You will surely be punished for it.


* Never count yourself to be better than others: We humans always make the mistake of thinking that there is something very special about us, and that we are better than the rest, and at that point you let pride begin to come in. This is the biggest flaw you can make and when you do so, get ready for a very crazy humbling.


Always remember this, we are over 7 billion people on Earth right now, many are better than you in what ever aspect you think you're the best. Be it your beauty or how handsome you are, or your skills, or a talent. You are not the best, do what you do, how best you do it and run away from pride.


I sure hope you enjoyed this piece and my dad would sure be proud that so many are learning from his lessons. I hope you learnt something for yourself though. If you loved this be sure to follow me so you don't miss out when I drop more dope shit like this. Thanks guys for the support and bye for now. I love you guys to the moon and back 😘😘😘



The Don out.





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