Learning Architectural Drafting and 3D During MCO

Even with the virus could be lurking at any alley or even aisle in the supermarket, life’s got to go on.

“If you gonna stay in the employment; you got to learn.” That’s what my boss has said.

And today is the 2nd day of my journey to try to understand how an architectural software works with its latest version with 3D modelling capabilities; with…


Most of the time especially in the South East Asia region, the “big brother” Autodesk has always been the domineering player for architecture drafting and modelling industry; and when I say it is “big brother” in quotes, because to a tiny little architecture company, this big boy has been nothing but bullying in the sense of really expensive prices (because it probably was charged in USD pricing – unlike Microsoft OS that decided to charge based on region by region access control) with enforced license renewal and will not stop hogging on upgrades from sales representatives; and if you decided not to upgrade, when the license expires, the software (though legally bought) becomes illegal software and they can come with “original software” police to come and summon you.

Yes… my office was almost charged with illegal software possession just because the AutoCAD version we bought was expired.

For the little company that I am located, we reverted to ArchiCAD which is about half of its price with optional yearly license renewal should we choose to have free courses, 24/7 online support; and this little patronage started since 10 years ago (with only 3 upgrades overtime), and never turned back when they have CAD compatible saving conversions later.



Attending Webinar Class during Lock-down

I have tried 3D studio Max and even Google Sketch-up before; and without a real proper guide book it is kind of hard when you are uncertain how to control your X, Y and Z and making pretty obscure building models; but with the latest version 23, even with laptop (no mouse assistance) version, almost 90% of the time you do not really need a mouse and you can still work your way with objects; and today – I learned slightly advanced modelling just to understand its fundamentals.


Playing around with morph objects


I personally must say that ArchiCAD has come a long way, although it still may not be as sleek as Autodesk’s detailing (according to my colleagues); but now I know that actually, a lot of my officemates have pretty much used this software erroneously creating unbelievable massive Building Information Modelling (BIM) and half of the time, causing the whole machine “crash and burn” (in terms of memory overloading).


Although not as perfect as the teacher; but... not bad, eh?

Through the past 2 days, I have found that this software has made a point that even those who hardly have any 3D modelling experience such as myself, could still whip up something like this!

How cool is that?

Pretty cool indeed!

I do hope you will stick around to visit my continuous journey, and hopefully what I share here, will be of great use / entertainment reading for you.

Until Then

Be safe, Be Healthy, and Be Happy!

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