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Advertising Sites that will get Traffic to your Login Ads, Banner Ads, and/or Text Ads

By shavongeorge | learnaboutcrypto | 25 Apr 2020

You can advertise text and banner ads for an affordable price. For example, Two2Prosper will give you 1,000 text and banner ad credits toward your account for $1.00. There are many sites that will give you a lot of value for your money. The banner or/and text ad will receive traffic from other people who visit these sites. You will have to pay for your membership in the form of bitcoin. Some of these sites also accept Ethereum, CashApp, Litecoin, Payeer, and/or PerfectMoney. When you run out of credits, you will need to add more money to your account.

These sites do not require a monthly fee or mandatory fees.

The sites will allow you to advertise banner ads, text ads, and/or login ads on them. These ads will receive traffic to them. They are below:

Two2Prosper: This site will give you 1,000 text and banner ad credits toward your account for $1. Coinpayments (Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH)), and CashApp are accepted at this site. I use this site myself to advertise my businesses.

Click here to join Two2Prosper

BTC2X1: This site will give you 2500 text and 5,000 banner ad credits for your purchase. You will receive an additional 3,000 credits for each new level you start. You will get 1,000 468X68 banner ad credits, 1,000 125X125 banner ad credits, and 1,000 text ad credits. It will cost you 0.0010 BTC ($7.12 USD) to start. You will earn 0.00045 BTC ($3.20 USD) for each new referral.

Click here to join BTC2X1

Crypto Pros: The Bronze package and the platinumpackage is available at this site. The bronze package will cost you $2.00. You will receive a 14-day unlimited text ad view and 14-day unlimited banner ad view with unlimited impressions.

The platinum package will cost you a fee of $50 for the first month. Then you will need to pay $25 every month. For the platinum package, you earn $25 for each new referral who purchases this package. If you get one new referral for this package, this package will be FREE a month. This package will allow you to advertise login ads. In addition, you will be able to advertise text and banner ads with unlimited impressions.

Click here to join Crypto Pros

BlessedAdsIncome: This site will advertise your login ads, banner ads, and text ads. For a one-time payment of $15, you will get 25,000 text ad and banner ad credits. Get 10,000 visitors to your banner ads and text ads from the BlessedAdsIncome business directory. In addition, you can get unlimited $5 commissions for the rookie membership. You can pay your membership with Bitcoin, Payeer, and PerfectMoney.

Click here to join BlessedAdsIncome

Adfinia: This site will allow you to advertise login ads, text ads, and banner ads. Positions are just ten cents for the Copious Matrix, twenty cents for the Replete Matrix, and one dollar for our Hybrid Units.

Click here to join Adfinia

My Bitcoin Daily (MBD): You can advertise banner ads and text ads on this site. This site will give you 100 banner credits and 50 text ad credits each day. It will cost you 0.0009344 BTC ($6.97 USD). This renews daily and will give you 365 days of active positions. You can also join the MBD Feeder too. This will cost you 0.00045 BTC ($3.36 USD) to join the MBD Feeder. The feeder will give you 1,500 486X60 banner ad credits, 1,500 125X125 banner ad credits, and 1,500 text ad credits.

Click to join MyBitcoinDaily

I use all of the sites that I mentioned above. I recommend all of these sites because you get a lot for your money. The credits will last you a long time. You can advertise any business you want to. You can advertise your banner ad, text ad, and/or login ad. These sites can earn you an extra income, if you decide to promote them. You can pick one, two, or more to use to advertise your ads. 

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