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By ntz | learn! & earn! | 27 Jul 2021

Today on Learn! & Earn! we can get 6$ on Phemex available to trade with! (Twitter instructions at the end of post)

If you`re not already on Phemex sign up here and do the KYC to proceed. With my ref-link you will get 10% off trading fees and 7 days premium. Usually you have to read an article or watch videos to answer the questions. Then you get 2$ for each chapter.

I recommend to watch those videos for real because knowledge is power in my eyes.

If you want to get your 6$ as fast as possible here are the quiz answers:

Fiat Currency VS. Cryptocurrency:

Lesson 1: What is Fiat Currency?

1.) What entities issue fiat currencies?

  • C. Governments and Central Banks

2.) Are fiat currencies backed by commodities like gold? 

  • B. NO

3.) What is one of the disadvantages of fiat currencies?

  • A. Inflation

4.) Select two examples of modern fiat currencies?

  • A. US Dollar & D. Euro

Lesson 2: What is Cryptocurrency?

1.) Cryptocurrencies are represented by:

  • C. Unique digital codes

2.) A decentralized cryptocurrency means that it is controlled by:

  • D. None of the above

3.) What is the most well-known cryptocurrency today?

  • B. Bitcoin

4.) Select all the descriptions that are true about Bitcoin:

  • B. Limited Supply

Lesson 3: How Does a Cryptocurrency Work?

1.) Which of the two options do cryptocurrencies use?

  • B. Blockchain Technology

2.) A blockchain is:

  • A. A digital ledger or notebook

3.) Bitcoin’s blockchain or digital ledger will record:

  • D. All of the above

4.) Why is a blockchain secure? (choose all that apply)

  • A. It has multiple copies all over the world
  • B. It uses encryption methods


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learn! & earn!
learn! & earn!

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