How to be successful in cryptocurrency?

By Lazybust | Learn anyway! | 10 Jan 2022

It has been a year now I have been in with amazing crypto world. Its fun! I had some difficulties and loses, still its fun.

I can’t say I made fortune but I learned a lot and of course still on green at todays market situation. Hope it stays like that.

Anyway, today I want to share all the things learned to survive or achieve good profits in “crypto business” and if you have some please share in comment section.

This is my personal opinion that’s helping me to stay motivation. Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

1 Tip: Set a profit target and use stop loss function. 

Don’t be greedy take some profits at some point. I regretted a lot not doing it. Also, set some stop loss functions. Make sure in the worst case you have your initial investment.

I know its hard, but leave your emotions and think when you try.


2 Tip: Don’t jump in when you see green candles 

I know it attracts, I know because I did same thing. When you see a coin going to the moon we all want to be part of of thinking a quick profit. But please don’t. 

Do some research and then make sure you put your money you worked hard to earn. Whales are main role players for those coins to grow high and go down in seconds most of the time.


3 Tip: Don’t buy because price is low 

Don’t think like price will go up overnight. If you done enough research and have patience to wait go for it. But not all coins grow big.


4 Tip: Diversify your coins 

Don’t stick to one coin all the time. You might have 10X profit but opposite might happen at any time.


5 Tip: Invest long term

Finally, seems making quick money is good but timing is hard and many losses hoping to get rich quick. So be realistic and try to choose some coins for long term hold.


All I can think of now. Please leave your tips and rules in the comment section below. 


Believe you can do it and manifest it!

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Learn anyway!
Learn anyway!

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